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A brief comparison between the storyline of GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Vice City vs GTA Vice City Stories: Which game has the better story?

The GTA series is quite popular not just for its open-world gameplay, but also because of its engaging storytelling and charming characters.

Rockstar's iconic map, Vice City, has achieved legendary status by this point. There are two games that take place in it, namely Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Vice City Stories. Though the two games share the same map, their similarities end there. Both games have unique stories and characters that players love even today.


This article will take a look at the storylines of both games and compare which title utilizes the city better.

Disclaimer: The article reflects the author's opinions.


Comparing the storylines of GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories


1) The storyline of GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is set in 1986 with a storyline that follows protagonist Tommy Vercetti and his rise to power. He starts out as a henchman but eventually becomes the city’s criminal kingpin.


There are 87 missions in the game, and the story is packed with action set pieces, high-speed car chases, gun fights, tanks, and much more.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is considered to be one of the most heavily inspired Grand Theft Auto games, as the story resembles classic 1980s television programs, including Miami Vice and the movie Scarface. The game has a direct link to the latter due to Crockett’s Theme being played on Emotion 98.3 radio.

2) The storyline of GTA Vice City Stories


Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is the sixth and final game in the 3D universe of the series. The game is set in 1984, two years before the events of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It depicts the story of the protagonist Victor Vance, the brother of the famous Lance Vance.

The game has 59 missions. Each mission progresses the story of the protagonist, who starts out as a U.S. Army soldier but later gets involved in dr*gs and crime. Feeling disrespected by society and his workplace, he decides to take over the city block by block.

The story concludes at the same point where Vice City starts. Vic Vance goes for a deal, but things quickly go south and he gets killed in the firing.

Which storyline is better?


When it comes to originality, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories comes out on top. While Vice City is heavily inspired by movies like Scarface, Vice City Stories tells the same story with a fresh perspective.

Being set earlier in the timeline sets the stage for the latter. The game’s customization has drawn comparisons to none other than Grand Theft Auto 4. The protagonist also has the ability to swim, which is not present in Vice City. It introduces a new “Empire Building” system, which is a combination of San Andreas’ “Gang Wars” and Vice City’s “Properties.”

Players can earn passive income by operating several businesses after taking down enemy gangs.

The game also features the ability to bribe hospital staff or policemen when the protagonist is “Busted” or “Wasted.” With so many new features implemented in its story and a fresh look at the iconic Vice City, the storyline of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories emerges superior.


With rumors of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto titles being set to take place in Vice City once again, this is the best time for players to revisit these classic games and wreak havoc on the streets of Vice City.

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