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The GTA 6 map size is one of the most discussed topics within the community (Image via Sportskeeda)

How big can we expect the GTA 6 map to be? Leaks explored

A day before the official trailer reveal, the GTA 6 map remains a mystery. Rockstar Games has been tight-lipped about all aspects of the game, including the new open-world map. However, two leaks have disclosed various details about it, giving the community food for thought. The data miners were quick to analyze the leaks and determine the map size.

Although there is no definite information about the GTA 6 map size, the leaks suggest that it would be much bigger than that of Grand Theft Auto 5.


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GTA 6 map leaks hint at an open world twice the size of Los Santos


On December 2, 2023, Grand Theft Auto 6 was leaked a second time, disclosing an aerial view of the new Vice City map. Although the eight-second clip did not display the entire map, the community was fascinated by the huge urban area visible from above.


Some gamers also tried to communicate with the alleged leaker, @azzarossi, to get more information about the game. The latter claimed that the GTA 6 map leak was real and the entire area would be twice the size of Los Santos.

The alleged leaker describing the new Grand Theft Auto 6 map (Image via X)

The GTA 6 leaker stated that the new map would consist of three major cities, four small towns, and other smaller surrounding areas. They further added that Vice City will have a huge lake in the middle of the map.

Interestingly, the details of the GTA 6 TikTok leak match with the map that data miners composed following the September 2022 leaks. The aforementioned community disclosed that the upcoming map would have the following cities and locations: York Town, Red Hill, and Port Gelhorn. The huge lake mentioned by @azzarossi could be Lake Leonida, which was discovered after the first leaks.

A comparison between the coordinates of the leaked GTA 6 map and that of Grand Theft Auto 5 (Image via Reddit)

Some Reddit users also compared the coordinates of the leaked map with that of Grand Theft Auto 5. From the image above, the new map appears to dwarf the State of San Andreas.


While Rockstar Games has yet to comment on any of the map leaks, one thing is for sure: the new map will certainly be bigger than the current one. Grand Theft Auto 5’s map is much larger than that of Grand Theft Auto 4, and the same is expected from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

However, for further details, readers are advised to wait for the trailer or an official Newswire from Rockstar Games.

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