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Get 2x bonuses by playing Hasta La Vista this week. (Image via Rockstar Games)

How to earn GTA Online 2x bonuses on Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode (September 28 - October 4)

Rockstar Games has released a new weekly update for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, celebrating the game's 10th anniversary. While the actual occasion falls on October 1, 2023, players can start reaping the event week's benefits from today itself. One of the best ways of doing so is by playing the Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode, which is paying double the regular cash and RP this week.

Its rules are easy to understand, is quite fun to play with friends or even strangers, and can be started from the game's pause menu jobs list. For those requiring assistance, here is how to earn GTA Online 2x bonuses on Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode through October 4, 2023.


GTA Online guide: How to earn 2x bonuses on Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode this week (September 28 - October 4, 2023)

You can start Hasta La Vista from the pause menu. (Image via Twitter/TezFunz2)

Follow the steps given below to start the Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode and earn 2x bonuses offered by Rockstar Games this week:

  1. Open the game's pause menu.
  2. Go to the tab labeled Online.
  3. Click on Jobs.
  4. Click on Play Jobs.
  5. Select Rockstar Created.
  6. Go To Adversary Mode.
  7. Find and choose Hasta La Vista from the list.

There are five options for the Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode, and each takes place in a different location on the game's map. That said, you can earn 2x cash and RP by playing any of them as part of the current GTA Online weekly update.

It is an incredibly entertaining multiplayer match played between four players grouped into two teams, Cyclists and Truckers. The former's objective is to reach the finish line within five minutes, whereas the latter tries to stop them from doing so.

Here are all Hasta La Vista Adversary Modes and where each of them takes place:

  • Hasta La Vista I - From Los Santos Storm Drain's north end to its south end.
  • Hasta La Vista II - From the Vinewood sign to the Arcadius Business Center.
  • Hasta La Vista III - From Route 68's Xero Gas Station to Route 68's Ron Gas Station.
  • Hasta La Vista IV - From the Great Ocean Highway to the tunnel below Fort Zancudo.
  • Hasta La Vista V - From La Puerta Freeway's west end to its east end.

The Cyclists get a Whippet Race Bike, and the Truckers get a Hauler for this match. Additionally, both Cyclists get one life each, while Truckers get infinite.

This game mode is a fun way to celebrate GTA Online's 10th anniversary, an event on which many expect a GTA 6 announcement from Rockstar Games.

Along with bonus rewards on Hasta La Vista, Rockstar has increased Assault on Cayo Perico Adversary Mode's payout as well. Unfortunately, the gaming studio has also nerfed The Cayo Perico Heist payouts, upsetting the playerbase.

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