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A brief report on whether Kodak Black is in GTA 6 (Image via Rockstar Games/Sportskeeda)

Is Kodak Black in GTA 6? Everything we know so far

The GTA 6 trailer is finally out, and a lot is going on in it. This is why fans are looking to break it down and analyze it for hidden details and more. Players have already discovered the different locations, vehicles, and more simply by observing the trailer with close attention.

Now, some fans are asking if Kodak Black is going to be there in the game based on a scene with a character they believe looks like him. Here's everything players need to know about whether this is true or just a rumor.


Does GTA 6 feature Kodak Black?

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Currently, it can't be confirmed if Kodak Black is in GTA 6. The confusion may have started when fans watched through the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer and noticed a particular character who stood out because of how detailed he looked. After spotting this character, some fans, like Lil Rico (@IamLilRico) on X (formerly Twitter), stated that GTA 6 has Kodak Black in it.

While some may have meant the rapper seriously, as they saw a resemblance, others were mentioning him sarcastically. The theory of Kodak Black being in GTA 6 is further strengthened by the fact that the game is set in Florida; the Sunshine State is called Leonida in the game.


Kodak Black used to be an avid GTA RP player and even had his own RP server called Project Baby RP. This could be another reason players think Rockstar added him or his likeness in the game.

Some found the notion quite funny, while others dismissed the rumors. The discussion even spread over to the Batman Arkham subreddit, where a Redditor named No_Butterscotch_3933 pointed out:

"Lot of florida rappers have that look, especially the hair."

One user mentioned that Rockstar even put the Florida Joker in the trailer as a meme reference or Easter egg, which could suggest that a resemblance to Kodak Black might have been intentional.


YouTubers also reacted to seeing the supposed Kodak Black lookalike in the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, and by this point, there are several videos that point out the character from the trailer.

Kodak Black himself hasn't released any statement admitting or denying his role in Grand Theft Auto VI, nor has it been proved whether his likeness has been used or not. For now, fans will have to wait until more information is revealed.

Grand Theft Auto VI is coming out in 2025, as Rockstar revealed at the end of the trailer. However, they haven't revealed any details about pre-orders right now.

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