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Junk Energy Skydives challenges are a Freemode Event (image via Rockstar Games)

Is it worth trying out the Junk Energy Skydives challenges in GTA Online

The Junk Energy Skydives challenges are fun Freemode Events in GTA Online. These inclusions require players to pass through certain checkpoints with the help of a parachute and reward money, along with RP, when gamers complete them. Moreover, they will offer 2x bonuses till June 8, 2023. Thus, many players wonder if these challenges are worth grinding.

While Junk Energy Skydives are quite similar to Parachute Jumps from this game's story mode, their standard payouts are much higher. However, there is also a daily limit to the number of times they can be attempted. Still, GTA Online's Junk Energy Skydives challenges are worth trying. This article will discuss why that's the case.


Why GTA Online's Junk Energy Skydives challenges are worth trying out


The location of a Junk Energy Skydives challenge is marked with a white parachute icon on GTA Online's map. There are 25 of them in the game, and they are available at these places:

  • LSIA
  • La Puerta
  • Vespucci Canals
  • Del Perro Pier
  • Little Seoul
  • Pillbox Hill
  • La Mesa
  • FIB Headquarters
  • Alta
  • Rockford Hills
  • Banham Canyon
  • Tongva Valley
  • Baytree Canyon
  • Land Act Dam
  • Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  • Grand Senora Desert
  • Sandy Shores Airfield
  • Zancudo River
  • Mount Josiah
  • Cassidy Creek
  • McKenzie Field
  • Procopio Beach
  • Alamo Sea
  • Mount Chiliad
  • Paleto Bay

However, only 10 random locations from the list above appear on the map each day. Once players reach one of these places, they need to look for a Junk Energy parachute bag to start the challenge.

Furthermore, to get its maximum possible payout, players must achieve the Gold rank. This can be done by adhering to all the additional mission objectives it presents and finishing under the Challenge Time.

[June 1 - 8]
29 New Ski Masks available

- Increased chance of Aerial-Themed Freemode Challenges

- Land based Freemode Event Checkpoints disabled

2x GTA$ & RP
- Freemode Events
- Dr Dre Contract
- Junk Energy Skydives
- Flight School
- Time Trials
-Stockpile Adv Mode

While this might sound like a lot, it shouldn't be too hard to complete, even for GTA Online beginners. After beating a Junk Energy Skydives challenge and obtaining Gold, players get paid $5,000 and 2,500 RP. If one completes all 10 of these inclusions for the day, they receive a bonus of $50,000.


Additionally, gamers will get an extra $50,000 for completing those 10 GTA Online Junk Energy Skydives challenges and acquiring the Gold rank.

Hence, the potential payout for these Freemode Events sits at $150,000 per day. Since Rockstar Games has doubled their payouts this week — as part of GTA Online's weekly update — the maximum bonuses obtained through June 7, 2023, can be $300,000 every day.


These challenges are also quite fun to play and usually do not take more than three minutes to end. Thus, players can make a decent amount of money without a lot of hard work through them.

Junk Energy Skydives challenges are especially worth trying out with the currently applied bonuses, as they are the easiest way to earn about a million dollars in just a few days.


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