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  • “GTA 5 became a turning point in my gaming career, and it helped me revive my channel after the PUBG Mobile ban”: Dilin “Eagle Gaming” Dinesan
Dilin “Eagle Gaming” Dinesan’s channel has over 221K subscribers

“GTA 5 became a turning point in my gaming career, and it helped me revive my channel after the PUBG Mobile ban”: Dilin “Eagle Gaming” Dinesan

The PUBG Mobile ban in India had a severe impact on those content creators whose channels were heavily dependent on the game.

Each of them had to adapt to the change and develop newer ways of keeping their audiences entertained. While some used VPNs to play the game on other servers, many shifted to a completely different title altogether.


Dilin Dinesan of “Eagle Gaming” was one of the many who found success in another game when PUBG Mobile was banned. GTA 5 has helped him strike a turning point in his career and revive his channel to what it is today, with over 221K subscribers.

In an exclusive conversation with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, Dilin opens up about his early career, the impact the PUBG Mobile ban had on his channel, and how GTA 5 helped him grow into one of the more popular content creators in the region.


Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. Dilin, why don’t we start with having you tell us a bit about yourself and what’s life like for you outside “Eagle Gaming.” Is there anything else that you are pursuing or passionate about at this point?


Dilin: Hello! My name is Dilin Dinesh, I am 24-years-old, and I hail from Pathanamthitta, Kerala. I have recently completed my BSc in Graphic Design and currently investing a great deal of my time in creating content for my channel, Eagle Gaming.

Outside of Eagle Gaming, I am just a simple man with many dreams, and I am working hard to achieve them. In addition to gaming, I have a passion for photography and singing, which has helped me discover new places and make new friends.


Q. Much of your channel’s early success and popularity revolved around two primary titles, specifically, GTA 5 and PUBG Mobile. With the latter getting banned in the nation, how did that affect your channel? How were you forced to adapt to keep your audiences engaged?

Dilin: Like with all other streamers, the ban on PUBG Mobile had seriously affected my channel, which got me worried about my YouTube future, and I ended up taking a break for 2-3 months. After that, I started playing this new game called GTA 5 which I broadcasted live.

What came as a pleasant surprise then was how well my audience took to my created character of “Vasu Annan.” I started doing more content on the game, and I am happy to state that GTA 5 helped me revive my YouTube channel and became a turning point in my gaming career.

Q. What do your parents feel about your career as a content creator? Were they supportive from the get-go?


Dilin: My parents were not supportive at first, as they had no prior knowledge of the scope that a career in gaming and YouTube content creation can provide.


However, after seeing my first YouTube earnings, they slowly started to trust me and become more supportive of what I wanted to do.

Q. Tell us about some of the hurdles that your channel faced early on. How did you deal with them, and how were they able to shape your content creation process as it stands today?

Dilin: As I have always been a straightforward guy, I have received a lot of hate and judgment from others. I had many critics during my time with PUBG Mobile, but that did not stop me, and I kept coming up with more innovative ideas to entertain my audiences. And slowly, but surely, the haters started to become supporters.

Q. What’s the future like for Eagle Gaming? What can fans of the channel expect from their favorite content creator in the coming months?

Dilin: For now, I will continue focusing on my GTA 5 content as my audiences are enjoying that a lot. However, in the coming days, I would also love to do a lot of Battlegrounds Mobile India streams to cater to the needs of some of my older PUBG Mobile audiences.

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