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More information has surfaced about the GTA 6 hacker (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 leak hacker is motivated to offending again: Report

The hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks, Arion Kurtaj of the Lapsus$ hacking group, is reportedly motivated to offending again. The Cyber Correspondent at BBC News, Joe Tidy, stated on X (Twitter) earlier today that the hacker appeared via video link for the court hearing from Feltham prison. The Daily Mail then reported that the psychiatrist who assessed Arion revealed that he is dedicated to offending again.

Not only is the hacker linked to Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks, but is also seemingly responsible for similar cyber attacks at Nvidia and Uber. Interestingly, it was reported that Arion Kurtaj hacked into Rockstar Games' network via an Amazon Fire TV Stick.


GTA 6 leak hacker Arion Kurtaj motivated to offending again, as per a report by the Daily Mail

BBC News' Joe Tidy reports from Arion Kurtaj's court hearing (Image via X/@joetidy)

BBC News Cyber Correspondent Joe Tidy reported from the sentencing of Arion Kurtaj that the hacker had appeared via a video link from the Feltham prison. As already stated, Arion is linked to several hacking sprees ranging from Rockstar Games to tech giants Nvidia.

That said, his attack at Rockstar is arguably the most notable, as it led to around 90 development clips of Grand Theft Auto 6 being leaked. There was news of him being deemed unfit for trial earlier this year, but he was reportedly found guilty by a UK court in August 2023.

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The Daily Mail provided intriguing information from the hearing today, stating that Dr Claudia Camden-Smith, the psychiatrist who assessed Arion, revealed that the GTA 6 leaks hacker was highly motivated to offending again.

Arion seems motivated to return to crime (Image via dailymail.co.uk)

The Daily Mail also reports that Judge Patricia Lee is convinced that the hacker is suffering from a mental illness.

More information from Arion Kurtaj's hearing today (Image via dailymail.co.uk)

It will be interesting to see how the case builds up further. While Rockstar Games was at one of its lowest points following the leak incident, it is now accepting praise from the gaming community after the release of the first official GTA 6 trailer.

Be that as it may, it should be noted that the trailer was scheduled to be released at 9 am ET on December 5, 2023, but was leaked ahead of time.

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