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A new GTA 6 map leak has surfaced three days before the official reveal. (Image via X/@yt52094)

GTA 6 map will be twice the size of Los Santos, claims leaker

GTA 6 project suffered yet another leak reccently on December 2, 2023 ahead of the first official reveal. While the game is yet to be officially revealed by Rockstar Games, the community continues to dig for more information about it. The recent leak disclosed a part of the rumored Vice City map. Additionally, the leaker also claimed that the new map would be larger than the current one.

Rockstar Games has yet to officially acknowledge the incident. However, various data miners have reported that the new leak could be true.


GTA 6 map twice the size of the current one, as per the leak

The leaker’s claims about the new Grand Theft Auto map. (Image via X)

A TikTok user named @azzarossi shared an eight-second clip showing the downtown area of the new Grand Theft Auto 6 map. The video did not depict the entire map, but when they were asked about it by other users, the leaker claimed that the GTA 6 map leak was real and the complete map would be twice the size of the State of San Andreas.

The alleged GTA 6 leaker also mentioned some other details about the map that Rockstar Games could add in the upcoming game. According to them, the new map will have three major cities and four sub-cities, surrounded by other smaller areas. Rockstar has also added a large lake in the middle of the map.


However, the most intriguing claim made by @azzarossi is that around 70% of the buildings will have entry access.

Fans showing concern about the new Grand Theft Auto 6 map leaks. (Image via X)

On the other hand, some fans are worried that the new map will have the same empty areas similar to the Grand Theft Auto 5 map.

However, before making any conclusion, one should keep in mind that the current version of the map is not the official one. Therefore, it lacks details and authenticity as well. Readers are advised to wait for an official statement from the gaming studio or the trailer to know the accurate details.


The GTA 6 TikTok leak is undoubtedly a blow to Rockstar’s plans, and it will be interesting to see how the studio handles it.

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