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Tom Petty's iconic song is breaking even more records due to the GTA 6 trailer (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 trailer boosts Tom Petty's "Love is a Long Road" by 8,000% in streams

For the GTA 6 trailer launched on December 5, 2023, Rockstar Games decided to use Tom Petty's Love is a Long Road as the background song. Now, while continuing to get more views, that video has boosted the popularity of this song. According to a recent report from Billboard, the song has gone up by 8,000% in streams. The Grand Theft Auto VI trailer is 90 seconds long and reveals Lucia as a protagonist.

It portrays Vice City and the many regions of Leonida through several references to real-life incidents in Florida. Tom Petty's song might have been chosen due to its title, as Jason and Lucia are shown to be a couple during the trailer. Many believe the lyrics give away this title's plot as well.


GTA 6 trailer boosts Tom Petty's "Love is a Long Road" by 8,000% in streams

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Tom Petty's iconic track Love is a Long Road has made a new record. On the day GTA 6's trailer was released, the song was trending online massively, and this trend is still growing.

As pointed out in the report, the song had only received 4,000–5,000 official on-demand streams per day in the US before the trailer was released. Preliminary figures from Luminate show that this number went up to 78,000 on December 4, when the GTA 6 trailer leaked, and then grew to 376,000 on Tuesday following the official release of the video.


This means that the song's streams have increased by 8,421% since Sunday. Billboard pointed out:

"The song also sold nearly 1,000 digital copies over those two days, after a negligible number the days before."

Love is a Long Road reached No. 7 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Airplay when it was first released back in 1989 in Tom Petty's first solo album, Full Moon Fever.

The fact that this song was used in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer indicates that it could be part of in-game radio stations. However, this isn't the first time that Rockstar has used one of Tom Petty's songs in its games. GTA San Andreas featured Runnin' Down A Dream on the rock and roll-themed radio station, K-DST.

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