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A screenshot of the new plane (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online seemingly adding a new F-35 jet with summer update 2023

GTA Online will be adding a new plane seemingly inspired by the real-life F-35 in the upcoming summer update. That patch has been confirmed to be named San Andreas Mercenaries. The DLC is scheduled to launch on June 13, 2023, but there is currently no confirmation of the aforementioned jet releasing at that point or in one of the following weeks.

Nonetheless, many gamers are excited to see some new planes introduced to GTA Online. The last new jet was the RO-86 Alkonost from the Cayo Perico Heist update nearly two and a half years ago. The full capabilities of the new plane for the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC are yet to be revealed.


What is currently known about the new F-35 plane from GTA Online's summer update?


Although the above Reddit post states that the plane is coming on June 13, it is worth reiterating that Rockstar Games has not confirmed the jet's release date yet. Nonetheless, it's quite clear that many gamers are hyped to see a plane based on the F-35 finally debuting in GTA Online's summer update.

All that's known about what's happening on June 13 is that the San Andreas Mercenaries update will launch on that date. The new update involves the player teaming up with pilots and ex-military personnel against Merryweather Security in what Rockstar Games describes as:

"...an action-packed new update spanning the streets, seas, and skies on June 13."

The new plane might be used to hurt Merryweather Security in the new summer update.

Information on the real-life F-35


Rockstar Games hasn't revealed anything specific about the new plane just yet. Therefore, the only thing gamers can do in the meantime is speculate what the new aircraft can do. The easiest way to figure out potential features is to look at what its real-life counterpart can do.


Here is what the official F-35 website advertises:

  • Fifth-gen weapons (including JASSM and LRASM missiles)
  • Low observable stealth to evade enemy detection
  • A top speed of Mach 1.6

General Charles Q. Brown Jr. of the U.S. Air Force is even quoted on the real-life plane's website, stating:

"The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the cornerstone of our future fighter force and air superiority. Achieving air superiority in a future fight is strongly dependent on full-spectrum dominance."

It would be logical that GTA Online's version will be an amazing plane for PvP scenarios. It's too early to see if the summer update will live up to the hype, but gamers at least have something to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.


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