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Alleged GTA 6 voice actor has fans buzzing after teasing the game (Image via Sportskeeda)

"Reveal of GTA 6 is getting close": Fans expect news from Rockstar after alleged actor teased Vice City

Bryan Zampella, the alleged voice actor of Jason, one of the reported Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 protagonists, recently hosted an Instagram Live session with ex-Rockstar senior camera artist Joe Rubino. The pair cryptically hinted at the upcoming game in the video conference by discussing doing missions, stealing cars, and other activities associated with a Grand Theft Auto title.

In fact, Bryan was even dressed as Tommy Vercetti, the lead character of GTA Vice City where the next game is rumored to take place. This excited quite a few fans as they now believe the sequel's official reveal is imminent. However, a large chunk of the player base is still skeptical since Rockstar has never teased any of their games like this before.


Fans hope for GTA 6 reveal from Rockstar Games after alleged actor teases Vice City


The fan base has had conflicting reactions to Bryan Zampella and Joe Rubino's Instagram Live session. Many believe that an official GTA 6 reveal is getting close.

@that1detectiv3 It looks like the reveal of GTA 6 is getting close, guys
@kyetweets EXACTLY! This live was all I needed to confirm my suspicions. Now all I need is a trailer
@Philosophy4FS It’s much more closer than we think!

However, some think that Rockstar Games would never allow this and that Bryan has nothing to do with their next game.

@kyetweets Nah, no shot rockstar would let this happen. I’d assume the NDA doesn’t alllow anything like this. Probably some guy capitalizing off of some speculation.
@that1detectiv3 It’s been obvious ever since he’s been playing around with it. He’s doing it to get attention. I’m surprised this many people keep falling for it.

If he was under NDA he would’ve done nothing.

However, Bryan and Joe never specifically mentioned Rockstar Games or Grand Theft Auto. They tip-toed around the subject by discussing working in video games, going to nightclubs in Miami (the inspiration for Vice City), doing missions, and being in a crew at the moment.


Hence, there is also the argument that no NDA policies were breached in the process.

@that1detectiv3 Hes not saying nothing “explicit” about the game , so hes not breaking the NDA .. he’s just hinting like teasing, so hes not breaking NDA stop saying that
@that1detectiv3 How is wearing old characters' clothes and taking about missions and stuff in games that are already released and known for breaking NDA'S?

It is worth noting that no details about Grand Theft Auto 6 have ever been revealed by the developer. After the GTA 6 leaks in September 2022, fans marked Bryan Zampella as the voice actor for one of the game's protagonists.


This was because he somewhat resembled the character and also had pictures with Joe Rubino dating back to when the latter was still working at Rockstar Games.


Hence, there is a possibility that Bryan is just messing with the fans. He previously posted an image of himself dressed in the leaked protagonist's attire.

Additionally, Rockstar Games has always been tight-lipped about their unreleased projects. Therefore, Bryan Zampella's involvement in Grand Theft Auto 6 can only be confirmed after the game's release.


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