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  • "Vice City looks MASSIVE": GTA 6 fans react to the latest leak on social media
A brief report on fans' reaction to the currently circulating GTA 6 leak (Image via Sportskeeda)

"Vice City looks MASSIVE": GTA 6 fans react to the latest leak on social media

GTA 6 fans have been on a roller-coaster since last week. From anticipating the upcoming trailer to witnessing another possible leak on social media, they are going through a lot of emotions. A short clip of what looks to be the next Grand Theft Auto has been circulating on the internet since yesterday, and fans are confused and excited at the same time.

One such fan, GameRoll, watched the leaked footage and shared their thoughts on it in the following manner:

“Vice City looks MASSIVE. This may be one of my favorite leaks yet, it’s HUGE”
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GTA 6 fans witness another huge possible game leak

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As shown above, a new GTA 6 TikTok leak surfaced on social media and showed a possible glimpse of the upcoming game ahead of its official trailer release. The footage was allegedly leaked by Rockstar North employee Aaron Garbut’s son viaTikTok. While the original clip has been taken down from that platform, the recorded clip is still circulating on the internet.

If one looks closely, various new buildings, roads, highways, clouds, vehicles, and a vast open-world area are visible from a distance. Fans even pointed out a few similarities between the latest GTA 6 leaks and the 2022’s leaked footage, like some of the buildings that look similar in both.

Many think the leak is real, and that it is indeed the next Grand Theft Auto running in developer mode. This is how some of them reacted to the incident on X, formerly known as Twitter:

A collage of reactions on the alleged leaked footage (Image via X)

However, this leak can't be confirmed as legitimate at the moment, and the alleged person has not been proven guilty so far. Last time, when the Grand Theft Auto footage got leaked, Rockstar Games publicly addressed the situation, confirming the legitimacy of those clips and apologizing to fans for such an incident.

Fans should take all leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. Rockstar Games' official GTA 6 trailer is scheduled for December 5, 2023, at the following times:

  • 11 pm JST – Tuesday
  • 7: 30 pm IST – Tuesday
  • 3 pm CET – Tuesday
  • 2 pm GMT – Tuesday
  • 9 am ET – Tuesday
  • 6 am PT – Tuesday
  • 3 am NZDT – Wednesday
  • 1 am AEDT – Wednesday

A logo reveal is also expected to happen after the trailer release.

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