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A fan-made concept highlighting potential differences between the new game and its prequel (Image via @GTAVI_Countdown)

GTA 6 leaked map concepts raise expectations for the real one

GTA 6's map is a hot topic in the community. Many fan-made concepts are based on the mega-leak from September 18, 2022, which tends to circulate online. It's worth noting that there is no official chart for this game's geographic area as of early May 2023. Everything players see about this topic is based on fan speculation and may differ wildly from the final product.

Nonetheless, Rockstar Games hasn't revealed anything official about GTA 6's map or the game itself. That leads to many fans often discussing their expectations and what they want to see in the next Grand Theft Auto title. This article will include various tweets showing off different concepts and rumors related to the leaks.


Looking at various fan-made GTA 6 map concepts based on the leaks

GTA 6 map concept based on Vice City which is rumored to be 2x the size of GTA 5’s map.

One popular leak states that GTA 6's map may be 2x bigger than what was shown in its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V. The latter game is already known to have the biggest world in the series, so doubling its size would be a massive increase. However, not everybody is interested in a bigger game world.

@OGKrushz @dabigmoist599 @GTAVI_Countdown GTAV with all the useless space missing. (Yes I know there are some side missions in the areas missing but still.) also agree rdr1/2 have some of the most alive feeling maps. GTA4 pretty good too. But my god GTAV’s map is terrible. Just gotta hope they utilise the space in GTA6.
@GTAVI_Countdown Map size doesn't matter. Would rather have a small but well designed filled with content map than a big empty one
@GTAVI_Countdown Don’t need big sized map.. need Most verity like GTA SA and most filled map

Some of the above reactions highlight fans' negative replies to the discussion of GTA 6's map being much larger than Grand Theft Auto V's. Bigger isn't always better when it comes to video game settings, as one common complaint is that an enormous game world often correlates with an empty one.


Even Grand Theft Auto V has been accused of this problem before. In that game's case, the northern countryside doesn't have much to do compared to the urban sections. Keep in mind that the rural areas are far bigger than the towns in Grand Theft Auto V.

Potentially doubling its size for a new game would be a reasonable cause for concern.

@dabigmoist599 @GTAVI_Countdown Do you know Rockstar? They always have the most beautiful worlds with the most aliveness.

Still, some gamers are enthusiastic that Rockstar Games usually delivers on this front. Not everybody hates Grand Theft Auto V's large overworld, so there will inevitably be plenty of people who will like the new game's potentially huge world.

Some people are hyped to revisit Vice City

Where is the first place you are going to explore in Vice City when GTA 6 releases? #G2A g2a.com/r/mrbossftw

The above tweet shows the same GTA 6 map concept as before, except zoomed in more. Some fans wonder where gamers will go once they visit this version of Vice City. While it's impossible to currently know every area at present, some places have already been leaked to be in the game, such as Little Haiti, Malibu Club, and Washington Beach.

The mega-leak also revealed that Vice City is the main destination of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. Understandably, some people would be hyped to revisit this location since there hasn't been a new game that wasn't a remaster featuring this iconic setting.

A new concept map of GTA6. This looks really good #GTA6 #GTA6leak #GTAViceCity #GTAVI #GTA

The above tweet contains a widely circulated GTA 6 map that is similar to the previous images, yet with a few differences. As far as similarities go, many fan concepts usually have a small island to the east with a much larger mainland to its west.

A few small islands are typically located on the southern side. A big lake is also normally seen in these images near the top. Since there is no official map reveal yet, many fan interpretations will differ in these exact details.

Many fans are both hyped and worried about the upcoming game's overworld. Common concerns often include the game world being large and empty, while general excitement is based on Rockstar Games' good reputation for creating legendary single-player titles.


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