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Fan-made renditions of alleged GTA 6 protagonists (Image via Hossein Diba)

GTA 6 leaker discloses Lucia and Jason's personality issues in the game

A popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 leaker has disclosed interesting personality issues between the game's protagonists, reportedly named Lucia and Jason. The leaker states that Jason is addicted to smoking, loves to ride ATV bikes, and is interested in fishing. He and Lucia are supposedly part of a larger gang, which the latter does not want to be a part of, but fulfills her duties regardless. Lucia is also claimed to be the gang's youngest member. Other members of this alleged crew besides Jason are unknown at the moment.

Let's take a closer look at well-known Brazilian leaker Matheus Victor's report.


Personality issues between Jason and Lucia disclosed by prominent GTA 6 leaker

The leaker's tweet about the game's alleged protagonists (Image via Twitter/Matheusbr9895_)

Matheus Victor, a prominent GTA 6 leaker, has disclosed Jason and Lucia's personality issues in the upcoming game. It seems that the two alleged main characters feature quite contrasting character traits. This alludes to an exciting rapport between the two, which could lead to a conflict at some point in the game's story.

Jason and Lucia were first seen in the September 2022 GTA 6 leaks. However, their relationship and other details are unknown at this point; nevertheless, what Matheus has stated points towards the game's characters having specific interests and preferred activities, which hasn't been focussed on extensively in the series so far.


Hence, if the leaker's suggestions are indeed correct, it would be pretty interesting to see how this affects the gameplay and the main campaign in general.

However, since the developer, Rockstar Games has not given out any official details, readers must take all the information with a grain of salt. That said, Matheus Victor had reported about the next title having male and female protagonists, who were then seen in the leaked videos later.

Hence, there is a chance that his claims about Jason and Lucia having personality issues might be valid. Unfortunately, Matheus also believes that the game's story will not be as good or even better than Rockstar's 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 release. Nevertheless, this can only be confirmed after the release of GTA 6.


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