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GTA 6 might feature several iconic Vice City locations (Image via Rockstar Games)

Ocean View Hotel from GTA Vice City seemingly returns in GTA 6

The GTA 6 trailer has taken the internet by storm with its incredible graphics and details. Fans of the series have broken down the 90-second video and have found a lot of easter eggs and hidden details that might not be obvious to a lot of people. Fans recently uncovered that the iconic Ocean View Hotel from the original Vice City might return to Grand Theft Auto 6.

While Rockstar has already confirmed that the upcoming title is returning to Vice City, fans are still unsure of which locations from the OG game will be featured in it. The recent claims hint towards the Ocean View Hotel being a part of GTA 6.


This article will shed more light on this topic and further explore this statement to clear all the confusion.

Note: Some aspects of the article are based on the writer's opinion, rumors, and speculations.


GTA 6 might have Ocean View Hotel and other iconic Grand Theft Auto Vice City locations


Since it is already confirmed through the GTA 6 trailer as well as by Rockstar Games that the upcoming title is set in Vice City, fans are curious about what iconic locations they might get to explore on the map.

After the Vice Beach, it looks like the Ocean View Hotel will most probably also return with the upcoming title. This was claimed by an X user who goes by @SynthPotato as they shared a side-by-side comparison of the location from the OG game and a similar place from the trailer.

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This scene occurs at the 34-second mark in the video, where a character is exiting a GTA 6 car. The location is quite similar to Ocean Drive from Vice City, which has the Ocean View Hotel as well as several other properties that Tommy Vercetti can enter or drive by. Upon zooming in, it looks like the sign on the building spells out "Ocean View Hotel."


A screenshot from Rockstar's webpage confirming Grand Theft Auto 6 takes place in Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)

Things will become much clearer once Rockstar Games reveals more information about the title and the map.


Fans have been speculating that Rockstar might add several more iconic GTA Vice City locations in the upcoming title. The Ocean View Hotel is an important part of the OG game because it is the first safehouse that the players unlock. So, it will be interesting to see how the developers utilize it in Grand Theft Auto 6.

While fans are excited about these details, they are more curious about the price of Grand Theft Auto 6 and when Rockstar Games will begin taking pre-orders.

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