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Shawn Fonteno in GTA 5: The actor behind Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton, one of the three playable protagonists of GTA V, is perhaps the most relatable character and a way for the audience to get into the game. Franklin is arguably the most likeable of the three, and one of the best GTA protagonists in the franchise's history.

Franklin is an ambitious individual who looks to leave his past in gang warfare in the hood and make a better life for himself. Franklin is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and fears absolutely nothing.


Shawn Fonteno, also known as Solo or OG Solo, is an actor and rapper who played the role of Franklin Clinton in GTA V. He is also the cousin of Young Maylay, the rapper who voiced Carl "CJ" Johnson in GTA: San Andreas.

Shawn Fonteno in GTA V as Franklin Clinton


Among the three playable protagonists, Franklin is by far the most centered and relatable character in GTA V, and is often the voice of reason. He is introduced early on in the game as him and his best friend Lamar "repossess" cars for Simeon.


Shawn Fonteno has also appeared in a significantly smaller role in GTA San Andreas as an unnamed gang member of the Grove Street Families. It is a neat little nugget for fans to speculate whether Franklin and Lamar were part of Grove Street before joining the CGF.

He has also made appearances in movies such as The Watch and 3 Strikes with Detective Pooh. However, it is his brilliant performance as Franklin Clinton that makes him such a beloved figure in the GTA community.

Although Franklin might not be the most intimidating character in the game, or the most eccentric, often the funniest lines in the game are from him. His interactions with Lamar Davis, played by Gerald "Slink" Johnson are some of the most unusual parts of the game.

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