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The 5 most entertaining story mode missions in GTA V

The GTA V world is nothing if not a beautiful story full of crackling adventures and gut-wrenching perils.

Befitting its grand vision, GTA V has many story mode missions for the player to enjoy.


Here are the 5 most entertaining story mode missions in GTA V for fans to devour.

The five most entertaining story mode missions in GTA V:


#5 Blitz Play:

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The Blitz Play features all three protagonists of the game in a FIB mission.

The story follows the three criminals as they rob an armored truck with an unconventional blitz play approach that Micheal comes up with: They would block the armored truck full of funds with an old-fashioned garage truck.

#4 The Jewel Store:

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The Jewel store is a basic but thrilling heist that allows players to prepare for the more dangerous heists awaiting them.


In this story mode mission, Franklin and Micheal have two options. They can either rob the store by taking down the guards by surprise or use sleeping gas to knock everyone out before claiming everything in the store as their own.

#3 There's Company:

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This mission is another thrilling story mode in GTA V, featuring all three protagonists.

The player has to help the FIB abduct Ferdinand Kerimov. The character assumed Kerimov was long dead. But Kerimov was actually held captive by the IAA.

In this mission, the player can switch between the three characters as each of them is tasked with a different role. Franklin takes backup, Trevor navigates the helicopter, and Micheal finds the target.

#2 Marriage Counseling:

Image via RAPID

This is perhaps one of the most entertaining missions to exist in GTA V.

The story follows Micheal, who cannot grapple, for his life because of him with a tennis coach.

An enraged Micheal with Franklin chases the tennis coach into a secluded house on the side of a cliff.

In this GTA V mission, Micheal and Franklin leave Mandrazo's mistress's house in absolute shambles.

# 1 The Third Way

Image via AlphaWhiskeySix

The Third Way is one of the most gut-twisting story modes in GTA V, with a touch of loyalty mixed with cold rebellion.

In this mission, Franklin is faced with two choices: He must kill one of his two criminal buddies - Micheal or Trevor.

And the most beloved GTA V character makes a decision that will perhaps be talked about for ages to come. The three opt to hunt down their adversaries instead of turning on each other. This makes The Third Way a phenomenal GTA V mission.


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