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The Vice City leaked map provided new details about GTA 6 (Image via GTA Wiki)

5 things allegedly revealed by the recent GTA 6 map leak

The recent GTA 6 map leak was one of the most talked about topics in the community following the September 2022 leaks. While the latter provided a glimpse of the upcoming game, the map leaks allegedly revealed the size of the new open world. Although Rockstar Games has yet to officially confirm the leaked map, the community believes it will be included in the upcoming game.

Eagle-eyed fans have discovered a number of new details in it and posited several fan theories. The majority of these theories are consistent with leaked videos, so players may be inclined to believe them. This article lists five things discovered in the recent GTA 6 map leak.


Note: The leaked data cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions.

5 things that the recent GTA 6 map leak reveals about the upcoming game


1) Return to Vice City


After the September 2022 leaks and the recently leaked map, it is obvious that the next untitled Grand Theft Auto game will return to Vice City once again. The last time fans visited Vice City was in the 3D Universe, so fans are excited to see how Rockstar Games envisions it in the HD Universe.

Vice City is based on real-life Miami, and the GTA 6 leaked videos showed a number of Miami buildings, NPCs, streets, and other features. Based on this, fans created an unofficial map of the upcoming game, which included many iconic locations from the original Vice City map.

2) Inclusion of old Vice City map


Even though the leaked GTA 6 map was unlike any other open-world map in the franchise, it did depict a portion of the old Vice City map. While the iconic Vice City Beach Island and Starfish Island can be seen on the right side of the map, the Vice City Mainland island expands to a larger landmass.


The gaming studio previously included 3D Universe locations in HD Universe maps in Grand Theft Auto 4 and GTA 5. These additions were tributes to their original games, and fans are expecting to see the same phenomenon in the upcoming game.

3) Bigger map than Los Santos


The upcoming game is one of Rockstar's most ambitious projects to date, and fans are expecting a larger map. Interestingly, the leaked map indicated the same since it consisted of a large landmass surrounded by several small islands. Some fans also compared it to the current map of Los Santos and discovered that the GTA 6 leaked map was nearly twice the size.

Fans are excited about this since the current map already feels large and feature-rich, and Rockstar is known for providing great open-world maps in GTA games. A larger map would likely feature more explorable areas, which would be a welcome addition to the game.

4) Inclusion of multiple cities


While Grand Theft Auto 5 is frequently chastised for including only one island, GTA 6 leaks revealed the inclusion of multiple cities in the game. York Town, Red Hill, and Port Gelhorn are some of the most popular cities that have been circulating in the community.

The old Vice City game featured two major cities, and fans want Rockstar to include more locations in the next game to make it more immersive. However, several rumors suggest that new locations may be included in Story-Mode DLCs that will be released later.

5) Expandable map


The alleged GTA 6 map also revealed that the next game will include expandable maps that will be released later in the game's timeline. While most fans expect it to happen in single-player, Rockstar may make it exclusive to multiplayer.

Many insiders have also revealed that the developers intend to cut content from the game and release it as DLCs. While some fans believe that the DLCs will include new locations that will eventually expand the original map, others believe that it will include new islands such as the Caribbean Islands and other locations.

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