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Trevor Phillips is one of the most memorable characters across GTA games (Image via comicbook.com)

Top 5 Trevor Philips moments from GTA 5's story mode

Plenty of fans love Trevor Philips and his wacky escapades throughout GTA 5.

Some protagonists are serious and are easy to read; Trevor Philips is not. He is a wild individual who seems to be utterly chaotic and a raging psychopath, yet he has his tender moments that can bewilder players as they wonder what his next move will be. Considering his role in GTA 5 is prominent, these moments also profoundly affect other characters.


Unsurprisingly, this article only includes events that happen in the base game of GTA 5. While Trevor Philips does have a presence in GTA Online, none of those moments will be considered in a list for his top five GTA 5 story mode moments.

Fortunately, there are plenty of incidents to consider as Trevor Philips is one of three main protagonists in GTA 5.


Five best Trevor Philips moments in GTA 5's story mode

#5 - Killing Floyd and Debra

This scene was as gruesome as they come (Image via Malaika Tamayo, YouTube)

Trevor's treatment of Floyd is on par with what most people associate as his typical behavior. He abuses Floyd, manipulates him to do his bidding, and even molests him several times throughout the story (this is all after Floyd lets him stay at his apartment).

Of course, Debra is no saint herself. She and Trevor did not get along, especially as the latter accuses her of having several "f***fests" on her business trips.

In the end, Debra holds a gun towards Trevor and Floyd, while the latter brandishes a knife in retaliation. The scene ends in black, with Trevor walking out of the apartment all bloodied up.


#4 - Caring for Patricia Madrazo

Trevor and Patricia have quite the story (Image via GTA 5 - blogger)

Trevor's relationship with Patricia Madrazo proves that he isn't always a psychopath. He genuinely loves her, albeit it is a strange relationship, to say the least. Kidnapping a person to save them from abuse isn't a common occurrence in the GTA series, but it seems like Patricia does care for Trevor to some degree.

Trevor is deeply saddened when he's separated from Patricia, one of the more touching moments in GTA 5. They continue to have contact through phone calls and e-mails, so it's a lovely little "pet the dog" moment for what Trevor Philips has gone through in the GTA 5 story.

#3 - Torturing Ferdinand Kerimov

Trevor doesn't like taking orders from a government figure (Image via GTA Wiki)

Players might assume Trevor would be all gleeful at the possibility of torturing somebody without reprimand, but that's the complete opposite of what happens in the mission "By the Book."

It's one of the most controversial missions in the series, yet it sends a pretty profound message regarding the ineffectiveness of torture.

Trevor showcases his true character in GTA 5 as an individual that doesn't like to take orders from a government figure. Instead of killing Ferdinand after they extract the information they needed, he releases him and sends him to the Los Santos Airport so he can flee. Trevor is a violent man, but even he has standards.

#2 - Trevor Philips showing up to the De Santa household

The De Santa seem deathly scared of Trevor (Image via GTA Wiki)

There aren't many moments in GTA 5 where Trevor deescalates a tense situation on his own. Of course, the jittery circumstances are the De Santa family arguing about some petty incidents, such as Amanda accusing Michael of being with a stripper, Fabian unnecessarily showing up to promote his yoga, and Jimmy looking for his marijuana.

It's awkward, but once Trevor Philips shows up, everybody becomes deathly quiet. They had no reason to suspect that he would ever find them, especially after Michael faked his death.

Eventually, the little reunion is broken up once Trevor realizes Tracey isn't there and is instead auditioning for Fame or Shame, making him and Michael go and prevent her from humiliating herself in GTA 5.

#1 - Killing Johnny Klebitz

(Image via GTA Wiki)

Introductory scenes are often one of the most important ways to establish a character and their motivations. Ergo, a character as wild as Trevor Philips needed something significant to happen when the player sees him again in the modern era.

First, he sees news about a major heist going on as he's having sex with Johnny Klebitz's girlfriend, Ashley Butler. Once Trevor realizes Michael might still be alive, he snaps.

Poor old Johnny Klebitz had to express his anger towards Trevor for having sex with his girlfriend again at the worst possible moment, as Trevor takes out his frustration on him.

Considering Trevor's violent behavior, it shouldn't be shocking to hear that he smashed the old protagonist's head in (which angered many fans of GTA 4: The Lost and Damned).

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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