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GTA San Andreas map mods are incredibly diverse, with this particular one being a Mars-themed location (Image via Nikitozz)

Top 5 GTA San Andreas map mods that add new locations

GTA San Andreas map mods are a great way to freshen the overall gameplay experience. The good thing about these modifications is that practically any location could be added. You could potentially visit a simple island or go to another planet altogether. This similarly means that some of the following entries will range drastically in terms of size and scope.

The higher-ranked GTA San Andreas map mods tend to be more fun to explore, often because they're bigger or maybe more entertaining to the average gamer. Everything listed here is for the PC version of the original game, so these modifications are not intended for the Definitive Edition.


Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

GTA Mixed, Global Safehouse, and more amazing GTA San Andreas map mods


5) Volcano in San Andreas


Let's start with an old but gold example from over a decade ago. This GTA San Andreas map mod essentially allows CJ to explore a private island with a volcano. It's a small location that has a lovely coastal vibe and can be fun to mess around with for a couple of minutes.

The main attraction here is the volcano. It has fires that can hurt CJ, with the lava obviously getting him Wasted instantly if he touches it. The small size of this island makes it perfect for gamers seeking to still have the large overworld of GTA San Andreas with just a few modifications like this volcano one.

4) Global Safehouse Mod 1.1

This is just one part of many safehouses included in this modification (Image via Skann)

Some new locations can fit just right with the game as it is. Global Safehouse Mod 1.1 is a good GTA San Andreas map mod that gives players 18 new safehouses. That's 18 new homes, which include new garages and interiors for you to enjoy. This modification is simple and won't have issues with other mods that use COL files, thanks to some optimizations done here.


There are individual safehouse modifications that can be downloaded, but this specific bundle of 18 is more convenient and less buggy to use.

3) Grand Theft Auto Anderius

A screenshot of Anderius, which was once known as Alien City (Image via 1BandiT)

Futuristic locations are quite cool, especially since they contrast with this game's intended 1992 setting. Grand Theft Auto Anderius puts CJ on a planet known as Anderius where he can visit various locations, such as:

  • Alien City
  • Konopolis
  • Little Neksiiko
  • Fun City West

Many NPCs and pedestrians get replaced in this modification. You can also expect dozens of new missions for your entertainment. There is a lot of attention to detail in this new world, so feel free to explore it to your heart's content.

2) GTA Journey to Mars


A GTA San Andreas map mod that puts the player on Mars sounds interesting. Unsurprisingly, this modification can be a blast to play through, but it also does a lot more than change the game world. Gamers visit Mars while dealing with low gravity, oxygen supplies, and other scripts unique to this modification.

Players are highly unlikely to find another space-themed GTA San Andreas map mod as good as this one. You have rovers replacing cars, astronaut suits, and other cool gizmos that may entice futuristic fans to check out GTA Journey to Mars.

1) GTA Mixed

This is the map for GTA Mixed (Image via Mixed Mods)

This one seems simple at first glance, yet GTA Mixed fulfills a dream many gamers had back in the mid-2000s. It's a GTA San Andreas map mod that combines San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City in one single world. Some bridges connect the three main locations together.

The bridges might seem unnatural, yet the important thing to note is that it's fun to explore these three worlds in one game. Most of the old towns are recreated perfectly here. Anybody who loves the Grand Theft Auto series will likely enjoy GTA Mixed, especially if they're nostalgic for the older entries.

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