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Some creative stories of the rural parts of GTA San Andreas are still told today (Image via GTA Myths Wiki)

Why GTA San Andreas' countryside is ripe with spooky myths and legends

GTA San Andreas's countryside locations are often home to some fascinating myths. Such legends are almost always fabricated through some mod, but the interesting part is that they exist in the first place. Oftentimes, somebody posts a video of them encountering some monster or iconic serial killer in a place like Back O' Beyond, Mount Chiliad, Shady Creeks, or some other deserted location.

Such myths and legends were prevalent in the early days of YouTube and continue to get attention from a dedicated community even today. The only reason GTA San Andreas' countryside has gotten this much attention is a series of locations that make it easy to imagine such rumors. That said, they still play only a minor role in the grand scheme of things.


Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

The many myths and legends of GTA San Andreas' countryside


For the most part, the countryside of GTA San Andreas is barren, and there is little to do. Other than a few missions in nearby areas, such locations have little reason to revisit them afterward. Their desertedness makes them the perfect spot for various creepy mods to be shown off, like the ones shown in the above video.


For example, it wouldn't make sense to see Bigfoot running around Los Santos as opposed to seeing him in a foggy forest like Shady Creeks.

Popular locations for various GTA San Andreas myths

The Abandoned Dock by Verdant Meadows is another good isolated spot from the rest of the game (Image via GTA Myths Wiki)

Another intriguing aspect of this game's countryside is that there are plenty of locations that modders can use. Here are some notable areas that are otherwise isolated:

  • Aldea Malvada
  • Angel Pine
  • Back O' Beyond
  • Bone County
  • El Castillo del Diablo
  • Hanky Panky Point
  • Hunter Quarry
  • Flint Range
  • Mount Chiliad
  • Shady Creeks
  • The Big Ear
  • The Cordillera
  • The Panopticon
  • Whetstone

Even rural towns like Blueberry have their fair share of dedicated mods that perpetuate the myths of this game. Basically, any place with limited use in the game tends to have some bizarre legend associated with it, often with an accompanying modification.

Examples of popular myths and legends

Bigfoot is easily the most iconic one (Image via XTM Effect)

Here are some of the most popular legends often associated with the countryside in GTA San Andreas:

  • Aliens
  • Bigfoot
  • Ghost Cars
  • Ghosts of various in-game characters
  • Headless Man
  • Leatherface
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Mr. Trenchcoat
  • Piggsy
  • Slenderman
  • The Woods Creature
  • UFOs

Only a few myths can be explained logically. For example, Ghost Cars refers to the old beat-up automobiles that spawn in various parts of the countryside. The ones by Back O' Beyond seem like they're moving without a driver because they appear on a slope, forcing them downward.

Most of the legends that appear in these tales are obviously fake. They made for entertaining content in some myth-hunting YouTube channels, especially back then when the platform was still in its infancy. Such legends help make the rural parts of GTA San Andreas seem much more alive than they are, which is nice since such locations are otherwise devoid of content.

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