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This choice was pretty easy to make (Images via GTA Base)

Why it wasn't hard for GTA 4 players to choose between Dwayne and Playboy X

GTA 4 has been hailed countless times as one of the best GTA games ever made, and one of the reasons has to be the supporting characters that players get to interact with.

GTA 4 has an excellent cast of supporting characters, each with their own distinct personality as well as their own intriguing ideas and goals.


Furthermore, this aspect of the game is demonstrated during the mission "The Holland Play," in which players must choose between eliminating Playboy X and Dwayne.

Although the developers probably intended this decision to be something substantial, in reality, the majority of players had already decided on the obvious answer, which was to eliminate Playboy X.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.


Here's why most GTA 4 players prefer to eliminate Playboy X over Dwayne.


The main reason has to be that if players decide to eliminate Playboy X, Dwayne will gift them his penthouse. This is critical because if a player kills Dwayne, they will receive only $25,000 and nothing else. As a result, it is more profitable to remove Playboy X.

Once Dwayne is eliminated, Playboy X will cut all ties with him. In contrast, if Playboy X is killed, Dwayne becomes a reliable ally who can even be summoned as backup and defend Niko during dangerous gunfights.

This clearly shows why players tend to pick Dwayne over Playboy X, as the former is a better friend and more useful company to have around than Playboy X. Furthermore, this choice to kill Playboy X makes more narrative sense as well.


Narrative reasons why players eliminate Playboy X in GTA 4


Prior to the events of GTA 4, it was revealed that Dwayne was once an infamous drug lord who basically ran an influential criminal empire in Liberty City. Instead of living a lavish lifestyle, he became paranoid and distrustful of others.

This culminated in a lot of introspection and guilt regarding the unlawful activity he had taken part in. Finally, he was arrested, and his criminal enterprises were taken over by Playboy X.

From then onwards, Dwayne tried to rebuild his life and showed regret for his previous actions. Furthermore, he and Niko bond over their shared adversity and cynical view of the "American Dream."

If players choose to save Dwayne's life, they can engage in a variety of friendship activities with him. Activities such as bowling, drinking, and eating are unlocked, as is Dwayne's willingness to share more about his personal life with Niko.

This clearly shows how genuine Dwayne is when compared to Playboy X. Moreover, Dwayne is also one of those characters that has a clear moral compass and is not a criminal just because he is evil.


He has demonstrated numerous times that he cared about his girlfriend and made sure she had a comfortable life while he was in prison. He has also never snitched on his criminal partners and has always been loyal to everyone with whom he has worked.

Finally, when he was younger, he took Playboy X into his gang as a prodigy and taught him everything he needed to know to survive in this city. If players chose to eliminate Playboy X, he expressed regret and sadness.

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