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A brief report on why GTA Trilogy DE releasing on Netflix is a big deal (Image via Rockstar Games)

Why Netflix releasing the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition for Android is a big deal

Netflix announced on November 29, 2023, that the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is coming to Android via Netflix Games. This means that subscribers of the streaming platform can enjoy these games at no additional cost. The game will be launched on December 14, 2023, and interested players can pre-register for the release.

This is a significant milestone for both Netflix and Rockstar Games, as the two industry titans collaborate to capture the mobile market.


Everything about GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition's mobile release via Netflix


The Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition Trilogy is the remastered collection of all three 3D Universe games — GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. The games will soon be available on the Netflix mobile app and separately in the App Store and Google Play for Netflix subscribers.

Mobile gamers have been waiting for the remastered trilogy's mobile versions for quite some time. Rockstar had promised to launch the games in the first half of 2022, but there was no further announcement. Now that a date has been set (December 14, 2023), fans can get their hands on the game before Christmas.


An important thing to note is that these mobile ports are seemingly much improved over the poorly received PC and console versions of the remastered GTA Trilogy. An insider recently revealed that GTA 3 Definitive Edition on mobile features better lighting effects, a new skybox, improved water, and brings back birds.

This suggests that Netflix wants to ensure that players have a better experience with the games on mobile than they did on PC and consoles.

What this means for Netflix Games


Netflix has been gradually expanding its catalog since the foray into video games. However, up until now, they mostly had smaller titles, with some popular ones like Before Your Eyes, Football Manager 2024, Oxenfree and its sequel, and Dead Cells.

Although the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy is simply a remaster, it's still a major release as it was published by Rockstar and sold at full price. If the reports of Netflix improving the games further before their release are true, it could indicate that they're quite serious about expanding their player base.

Games like Hades, Katana Zero, and Death's Door will further expand the catalog; however, the remastered Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is expected to make the biggest splash of them all. Nevertheless, it's safe to conclude that Netflix Games has the potential to grow into a significant force in the mobile games sector.

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