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Why stretches for mid back are necessary? Image by prostooleh on freepik)

5 stretches for mid back that are a must addition to your daily routine

In our busy worlds, we are stuck in our chairs for hours because of work. It may cause some discomfort to our mid-back. Fret not, this can be treated easily by doing some stretches for the mid back.

Straining your mid back is no joke and you should always try to avoid it. It is necessary to keep your mid back strong, as it releases tension and provides good posture.


There are many reasons for this to happen and it is mandatory to address it so that it does not turn into a severe issue in the future. We will explore all the possible causes, symptoms, treatments, and stretches for mid-back in this article.

Stretches for mid back: What causes middle back pain?

Doing exercises can help to avoid pain in the mid back (image by freepik on freepik)

There are many reasons possible to cause mid back pain. Some of them are listed below:



Straining your spine repeatedly for a long time can be dangerous and bad posture can be one of the reasons to cause mid back pain. Putting pressure on muscles and ligaments of your back while slouching for a prolonged period can cause mid-back pain.


Sprained muscle

Spraining or straining your muscles for any reason can cause mid-back pain. Lifting weights at the gym or heavy things, and doing it incorrectly can be a reason to sprain or strain their back. Sudden and fast movements can also be a cause.


If you take any type of fall, you are prone to get an injury in the cervical spine (neck) and lumbar spine (lower back). If left unattended, this can cause a serious issue in the future. Getting fractured can cause mid-back pain too.

Medical conditions

Some underlying medical issues such as herniated discs (also known as slipped discs), and osteoarthritis can lead to mid-back pain. Getting older automatically leads to these problems.

Best stretches for mid back

These stretches for mid back can release tension (image by yanalya on freepik)

To avoid these causes or if they already happened, these stretches for mid back can get you back on your feet in no time. These are as follows:

1. Cat-cow movement

It is an easy yet effective exercise to start with and it helps to release tension that builds up in the mid back. This movement can be a good start for further advanced exercises.

2. Passive backend exercise

This exercise is one of the best exercises to perform after you had a hectic day at work and it will give you a lot of relief. This passive backend stretches for mid back improves flexibility, suppresses tension, and enhances your body posture. Adding this exercise to your routine will give many benefits.

3. Seated twist movement

This exercise can sound like a tricky exercise but seated twist stretch will help relax your muscles and enhance flexibility. To increase its benefits, one should balance a long spine during the twist.


4. Cobra pose exercise

This pose is one of the famous yoga poses. It is a gentle stretch for mid back which will help strengthen the mid back. To do this stretch perfectly, avoid overdoing it with your arm muscles and focus on the mid back more to get additional benefits.

5. Bridge pose movement

The bridge pose is an effective exercise that creates space for mid back and also makes it strong. Make sure you are focusing on the ceiling to avoid irrelevant sprain in your neck. These stretches for mid back will help strengthen your back and make your body fit to work efficiently.

Prevention for stretches for mid back

What are the preventive steps that are to be taken in order to avoid injuries? (Image by Freepik on Freepik)

These stretches for mid back are essential for the body to keep it fit and be able to work for prolonged hours. It is also important to not overdo these stretches as it can result in some injury. Overdoing these exercises can also make you tired.

As far as underlying medical conditions are concerned, one should consult a healthcare professional before doing any heavy stretch.

We can conclude from this article that being busy in our work like a robot does not give us time to treat ourselves like a human and it is important to perform these stretches for a healthy lifestyle and work with enthusiasm.


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