Hip exercises provide stability, flexibility, and safety. (Image via Pexels/ Ivan Samkov)

6 Best Hip Exercises for Men

Despite the fact that not everyone can have hips as flexible as Shakira, you can gain a lot of flexibility by stretching and building up the muscles that assist these ball-and-socket joints.

Hips play a major role in more than rocking dance routines. They are an important joint for everyone, including non-athletes and bike riders, simply because they are necessary for movement and mobility.


Tight hip flexors are a result of spending most of the day sitting down, which is common in a sedentary lifestyle. The hip muscles that oppose hip flexors, such as glutes, hamstrings, and abductors, as well as the hip flexors themselves, are all known to be weak in those who lead sedentary lifestyles.

Hip Exercises That Every Man Should Do

Hip problems do not have to ruin your day. The region's muscles can be strengthened and stretched with hip exercises to provide stability, flexibility, and safety. You can also get a more contoured appearance by losing fat and adding muscle mass.


Here is a list of hip exercises you must include in your workout routine:

1) Frankenstein walk

This hip exercise tones your hamstrings and quadriceps. Additionally, it extends the range of motion. As you advance, keep a straight stance, avoid bending at the waist, and quicken your pace.



  • As you stand, extend your arms in front of you, palms down.
  • Swing your right leg up as you advance so that it extends straight out and forms a 90-degree angle with your body.
  • Swing your left leg up in a similar motion as lowering your right leg to the ground.
  • If you run out of room, switch directions and keep going for a minute.

2) Hip circles


This hip exercise improves flexibility. Utilize stable items for support to provide better stability.


  • Lift your left leg as you balance on your right leg.
  • Circularly move your left leg.
  • Make 20 circles, 20 in every direction.
  • Do the right leg next.

3) Knee-to-chest pose

Your pelvis is stabilized and your hips are stretched in this hip exercise.

For further support, place a flat cushion or folded blanket under your head. Put your hands on the backs of your thighs if you cannot get your arms around your shins.


  • Knees bend inward towards the chest as you lie on your back.
  • Grab your hands, forearms, or elbows and wrap your arms over your legs.
  • To lengthen the back of your neck, gently tuck your chin into your chest.
  • For up to 30 seconds, maintain this posture.
  • Repeat 8-10 times.

4) Donkey kicks

Use this exercise to strengthen and tone your glutes and hips.


  • Lift your right knee while keeping it bent and kick upward from the tabletop position.
  • Bring your foot's sole up towards the ceiling.
  • Go back to the beginning place.
  • Put 12–20 repetitions in 2-3 sets on each side.

5) Side lunges

These are variants of forward lunges and are also referred to as lateral lunges. They target the lower thigh and hips.


  • Put your feet wide apart and stance
  • Take a large step to the right and crouch down with your body straight and your abs tensed.
  • the point at which your thigh is parallel to the floor as you squat down
  • After pausing, move your left foot forward before coming back.
  • Repeat on the other side 12-16 times.

6) Fire hydrant

This hip exercise works your core muscles while concentrating on your glutes and hips. You might need to do this exercise on a mat if you have knee problems.


  • Keep your hips higher than your knees and your hands above your hands as you squat down on your hands and knees.
  • Boost your core tension and gaze downward.
  • Keeping your knees at a 90-degree angle, lift one of your legs 45 degrees away from your torso.
  • Your leg should now be in the starting position.
  • Perform three sets of ten repetitions.
  • Continue with the opposite leg.

It is important to keep your hips strong and flexible. To establish and maintain outcomes over time, be safe and consistent in your approach.

Add activities to your fitness regimen that are best suited to your current level of fitness and your desired outcomes. If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor prior to starting any new workout regimen.


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