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6 Best Yoga with Adriene Exercises to Try in Morning

Adriene Mishler is the voice of Yoga With Adriene and many other yoga programmes.

She began leading vinyasa classes in Costa Rica in 2009 before making the leap to YouTube. There, she shares everything from gentle restorative practices to Vinyasa flow sequences. Regardless of where you are in your yoga journey, there are some Adriene videos that should definitely be part of your morning routine.


Each routine lasts under ten minutes, so you can easily start your day with a quick stretch and a few sequences to calm your thoughts, and start things off on the right foot.

Adriene's YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene, has over nine million subscribers. She's a certified yoga instructor who offers various yoga classes for people with varying fitness level and body type. Her videos range from five-minute snackable practices to hour-long sessions. There's something for everyone.

Best Morning Yoga Exercises with Adriene


The morning is a great time to practice yoga, so if you have time in your schedule, choose one of these six videos for a few short or long poses to help you start your day right.

1) Yoga To Help You Wake Up

If you have been dragging a bit and feeling heavy, perhaps even low —and you need a gentle wake-up.

This 11-minute yoga video will serve your needs. It's short but impactful. Start your day off right with intention, efficient movement, and mindful breath work. Nourishing and revitalizing — this is the perfect way to wake up the mind and body so you can start fresh again.


2) 5-Minute Morning Stretch

Adriene's 5-Minute Morning Yoga is ideal for a short practice session. Set the tone for your day and remember: a little goes a long way.

Yoga quickies show us that we do not need 30, 60 or 75 minutes, and you don't always have to do legs on leg day. The reward (the cookie) - the good stuff - arrives when you do them, though.


3) Morning Yoga Flow

Yoga Morning Fresh offers a great way to start the day. This full yoga practice starts slowly and builds on breath and posture for a well-rounded routine that wakes you up both mentally and physically.

The sequence starts with pranayama (breath practice) and a moving meditation that gently works the body, followed by hip openers, heart openers, and shoulder stretches to help you breathe deeply and move with intention.

The last part of the sequence focuses on stretching the legs, spine, and back; creating space in the lower back and cultivating healthy flow of energy through the spine. With your breath as your guide, use this practice to increase strength throughout your body.

4) Movement Medicine

This 15-minute practice starts off slowly and builds to a swift and energizing routine. Use this workout when you need to reset your mind, focus on your breath, or take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

The movement is designed to clear your mind and restore your energy so that you can step off your mat feeling restored and renewed. This short routine will help you conquer the challenges of your day so that you can find what feels good.

5) Gentle Morning Yoga for Beginners

Moving and connecting in the morning is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

This workout is gentle practice for all levels and a nice way to connect with the muscles and joints and clear the mental and emotional channels for the day. Take your time, and connect to your breath. Notice how you feel, and enjoy doing so.


6) Grounding Breathwork

Get curious and invited into a new consciousness. Slow things down with this Yoga With Adriene 19-minute pranayama practice.

Learn breathing techniques for stress relief, anxiety relief, overall balance and well-being. Stay nice and low to the ground in this session as you learn to develop breathing techniques for stress relief, anxiety relief, overall balance, and better sleep.

This session guides you through breathing exercises that help you feel calmer and more centered, evening out strong emotions such as anger or sadness and aiding in better sleep.


The idea behind Yoga with Adriene is to create a morning routine to help you start the day off on a calm and centered note. While the flow Adriene explains as "The Fresh Start Flow" can be completed in 30 minutes, you can tailor your routine to whatever duration you like.

The goal here isn't just to complete a set number of poses but to use 'Yoga with Adriene' as an opportunity to breathe, move, and remind yourself that even though the day may seem challenging, there is still peace to be found — in the morning, or any time of day.


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