The brain is a beautifully complex organ, and it can be interesting to find out if you are left or right brained. (Image via Vecteezy/ Kowit Phangkee)

Are You Left or Right Brained? Is One Better than the Other?

Does it ever occur to you that you are more creative, analytical, orderly, or intuitive? This seemingly natural propensity usually results in the typical idea of a person being either left or right brained. There are certainly times where a person demonstrates creative abilities to find solutions, but there are also times when the same person depends upon their analytical abilities.

So, how do we determine if you are left or right brained? More important than establishing this difference is the fact that we use both of these in each of our everyday activities. For instance, even if you are artistic, you are likely to your left brain logic to guide you through complex designs.

Are you left or right brained? What difference does it make in your everyday life? (Image via Vecteezy/ Sunshine -91)

What Are Prominent Left-Brain Characteristics?

When thinking if you are left or right brained, if you lean towards logic and facts you are more left brained. (Image via Freepik/ Freepik)

The left brain is typically concerned with logical thinking, analytical abilities, and a very orderly approach. People with a liking for logical reasoning, numbers, and language usually demonstrate dominant left-brain characteristics.


These people tend to succeed in tasks that revolve around problem-solving, sequencing, and a critical thinking approach. Traits of the left brain consist of a structural approach, attention to small detail, and high dependence on proven facts and data.

What Are the Common Right Brain Characteristics?

The part of you that imagines and fills your life with creativity. (Image via Freepik/ Freepik)

On the contrary, the right brain is usually associated with being creative, imaginative, and emotionally intelligent. Individuals who highlight strong right-brain traits are usually artistic, innovative, and intuitive.

They excel at tasks concerned with holistic thinking, imaginative approaches, and having an understanding of the larger picture rather than particular details. Right-brain traits consist of intuition, creativity, compassion, and a natural inclination for visual and spatial activities.

Am I Left or Right Brained?

There isn't a better hemisphere. In a way it doesn't make a huge difference if you are left or right brained. (Image via Vecteezy/ Sonnycool)

The answer to whether you are left or right brained may catch you by surprise: you're both! The human brain is a complicated neuronal network wherein both hemispheres function in a collaborative manner, each imparting distinct strengths to our abilities. They both tirelessly work together to enhance brain health.

For example, finding an answer to a mathematical equation may demand logical steps (left brain) but also needs creative approach to reach a novel solution (right brain). Likewise, creating art needs imagination (right brain) but also requires high attention to detail and observation (left brain). There are inclinations for certain tasks to be more prevalent in one hemisphere than the other, but it's vital to know that our brain functions holistically.

Having an understanding of the brain's holistic abilities enables us to accept our multi-dimensional abilities. By identifying and caring for both hemispheres of our brains, we can give a boost to our cognitive capabilities.


Thus, rather than fixating ourselves into these hemisphere, it's vital to explore and blossom a balanced brain. Expose yourself with brain exercises that challenge both analytical and creative abilities of the mind. Try to learn a new language to stimulate the left side of your brain and, at the same time, learn to paint or draw to kindle the right brain.

The left brain-right brain differences oversimplifies the complex nature of our mental capabilities. Accepting the harmonious nature of our brains empowers us to blossom into our peak performance. So, the next time someone asks you if you are left or right brained, tell them that you orchestrate between the two everyday!

Janvi Kapur is a counselor with a master's degree in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.

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