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6 Best Chest Exercises For Men To Sculpt a Bigger Chest

Some of the best chest exercises for men are compound exercises, but there are certain isolation exercises that are great for sculpting a bigger chest.

There are several picks from the best chest exercises for men that can help you, but here are some of the foundation exercises that can help you trigger muscle development for your chest.


Before you begin following a routine comprising the best chest exercises for men, you should be aware that it’s not going to happen overnight. Whether it’s your chest or back or arms, muscle development is a time-consuming process. After months of constant dedication and effort, you will begin to notice changes.

Here are some of the best chest exercises for men that you can begin with.


6 best chest exercises for men

1) Bench press


You can do bench presses using a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Of course, there will be differences since you hold one barbell with both hands and it’s one dumbbell per hand.

However, you can use dumbbell bench presses if you’re unsure about equal development for both sides of your chest. Nevertheless, barbell bench presses are extremely useful for developing strength and adding muscle mass to your pectoral muscles.

You can find the guide for bench press here.


2) Incline bench press

The incline bench press is a pick from the best chest exercises for men that helps with the upper pecs. You can do the exercise using a barbell or a dumbbell. However, if you’ve never done this exercise before, it’s best to try it out using dumbbells before moving to barbells.

You can find the guide for incline bench press here.


3) Decline bench press

The decline bench press is useful for developing the lower pecs. Not everyone includes decline bench press in their workout routine, but if you need to specifically develop your lower pecs, this is a great exercise for it.


4) Cable flyes

Cable flyes are an isolation exercise for the pectoral muscles. It is one of the best chest exercises for men to narrow down the focus on your chest and ensure that you’re not allowing any other muscle group to take over.

Additionally, cable flyes have three settings for the three parts of your chest. You need to ensure that you’re using the correct settings for your chest depending on which specific area you’re targeting.


5) Machine chest press

Machine chest press should be a part of your chest exercise routine if you have access to the machine. Not every fitness establishment has a machine chest press or hammer strength chest press.

However, if you do have access to it, you should use this machine especially to add volume to your workout. It’s a great equipment to add more weight to your overall workout routine.


6) Banded push-ups

Whenever you’re trying to develop any body part, you should focus on bodyweight exercises too. For pectoral muscles, the best chest exercise for men is push-ups.

If you want to add more resistance to push-ups, you can use resistance bands for the same. You need to hold it across your back and along your arms when you’re doing push-ups.


Bottom line

To develop any muscle group, you need to be in a calorie surplus. However, you will be able to add some amount of mass if you’re in a calorie deficit as well.

Nevertheless, whenever you want to focus on adding muscle mass or becoming bigger, you must ensure that you’re consuming enough protein for your muscle along with these best chest exercises for men.


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