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6 Best Compound Chest Exercises to Lose Chest Fat for Men

Compound chest exercises should be a part of your workout routine given that pectoral muscles are a large muscle group. You cannot grow large muscle groups by simply doing isolation exercises.

Even if you can, it’s better to have a combination of compound and isolation movements. This variation is what allows the muscles to grow better.


6 compound chest exercises that will help with strength and fat loss

Before continuing, it’s important to understand that you cannot spot reduced fat. When you lose fat, it happens overall. However, you can work on a particular muscle group to tone and develop the muscles as you become leaner.


1) Barbell bench press

This is probably the most common suggestion for compound chest exercises. You can do bench presses with barbells, dumbbells, or even the smith machine. However, load the barbells with a moderate weight so you can focus on intensity.


While going heavier is a sign of improvement, you shouldn’t reduce the intensity massively because of that. Ideally, whatever weight you choose, you should be able to do at least 7 to 8 reps.

2) Incline & decline barbell press

Incline press works on the upper pecs while decline works on the lower pecs.

For both, you must keep your core engaged for better stability and balance. It’s preferable to take lower weights during the presses since the weight is directly above you, and if it falls, you will end up with unwanted injuries.


3) Push-ups

You cannot ignore bodyweight exercises when you do compound movements. Push-ups are the most important bodyweight movement for pectoral muscles.


You can do shoulder-width or wider, but avoid flaring your elbows. Try to keep the tension on your chest for as long as possible, and if the toe push-ups are difficult, begin with knee push-ups.

It’s important to grasp the foundation and movement before trying advanced variations.

4) Dumbbell pullover

The pullover can be considered unique among compound chest exercises. This exercise works on the chest and lats, depending on your arms. If your arms have a slight bend from your elbows, the exercise will target your lats. However, if you keep your arms extended and elbows tight, the exercise will focus on your chest.


5) Landmine press

You can do landmine presses with dumbbells or barbells, but you’ll be better off with a barbell. It focuses right on the pectoral muscles and allows a full range of motion without the plates or dumbbells blocking you.

If you do use a barbell, go on your knees and use the barbell with both hands to press it. At this point, your core should be engaged and your back must be straight.

6) Dips

Dips are another bodyweight movement that you shouldn’t avoid. However, you need to have the correct posture to focus on your chest and not your triceps.

Focus on your chest by leaning slightly forward before lowering your body for the dips. Next, when you push yourself upwards, use the chest muscles to do the same instead of letting your triceps take over.


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