You can tap into your brain's resources by using these psychology tricks. (Image via Vecteezy/Thanarak Worakandec)

8 psychology tricks to calm your mind and add to your 2024 wishlist

Psychology tricks can help you feel calmer as we come closer to the end of the year. Amidst the constant hustle and bustle of our daily lives, arriving at the shore of mental peace becomes of paramount importance and significance. This strong need to be more calm and peaceful arises from having a very unstable mind that's full of mental chatter.

Over time, this chatter can affect our daily functioning in various ways; hence, we find ways to calm the mind. While conventional methods like deep breathing or meditation work wonders, there are certain psychology tricks that can unlock surprising pathways to tranquility.


Psychology tricks that can help calm your mind

There is a psychology trick for everyone, but what works for you may not for another. Here are eight unconventional but potent psychology tricks to soothe your mind:


#1 Rapid serial visual presentation

By looking at information that is presented at a fast pace, your brain can be tricked to feel calmer. (Image via Vecteezy/Abdul Bayzid)

The manner in which reading is done or in which information is presented can help you feel calmer.

Yes, rapid serial visual presentation is a complex tech term, but it can be used as a psychology trick to help you become oriented and focus better. Instead of reading leisurely, try RSVP. This method consists of rapidly flashing text at a steady pace, which aids in attaining focus and reduces distractions.

#2 Color breathing psychology trick

Visualize soaking in colors. (Image via Vecteezy/AITTHIPHONG KHON)

Try to visualize inhaling a specific color which makes you feel calm, like a magical hue of blue, and visualize exhaling a contrasting color shade, like red, which is associated with tension.


Try to imagine the soothing color shade gradually filling your body with every breath while easing the mind and body at the same time. Visualization techniques work great when paired with your senses.

#3 Positive semantic priming

Teach your brain positivity. (Image via Pexels/Polina Kovaleva)

This particular method consists of subtle exposure of the mind to positive phrases all over the day.

These words are triggering points that reminds the subconscious mind to engage in positive thinking. It reduces stress and encourages a calmer and soothing mindset.

#4 The pomodoro technique

Try pomodoro with a twist. (Image via Vecteezy/Andrii Synenkyi)

You may have used the pomodoro technique to study with your friends or strangers. However, to calm your mind, use this psychology trick with a twist.

Adapt the pomodoro method by giving turns to work sessions with unique, entertaining activities like doodling, short exercises or creative activities. This mixture of activities makes your focus more diverse, alleviates signs of burnout, and helps in maintaining mental balance.

#5 Bilateral stimulation

Engage both your hemispheres. (Image via Vecteezy illustratelife)

Explore the true potential of bilateral stimulation by involving both hemispheres of the brain as a psychology trick.

It can be achieve by tapping alternate shoulders or knees while paying attention to soothing thoughts. This method greatly assists in lowering anxiety while reprocessing emotions.

#6 Object substitution

Children are often happier, as they harness imagination. (Image via Vecteezy/Jelena Obradovic)

Whenever confronted by overwhelming thought patterns, try picturing an object of self importance or a stop sign, which can also help. Focus on this mental image to steer away distressing thoughts. This is a quick trick when you don't want to expend a lot of mental energy.

#7 Humming meditation

Feel calmer by humming. (Image via Vecteezy/Macrovector studio)

The act of humming activates the vagus nerve, which is tasked with relaxation responses in the body.

Allow yourself some time to practice the humming meditation. Sit comfortably; close your eyes, and start humming a calming tune. Feel all the subtle vibrations moving along the body, establishing an inner state of tranquility.

#8 The three-step rule

Acknowledging and accepting is an important psychology trick to feel in control. (Image via Vecteezy/Giuseppe Ramos)

Whenever confronted with stressful scenarios, acknowledge, accept, and act. Try to acknowlede your feelings consciously without any judgment.

Accept the present realities as they are, and take clear, actionable steps to resolve or cope with it. The psychology trick here is to chart out a plan when you have intrusive and negative thoughts.

Making use of these psychology tricks into your daily life can greatly give a boost to your mental well-being. Keep in mind, each person's experience with these techniques may differ, so start experimenting for yourself. and accept what works for you.

Janvi Kapur is a counselor with a Master's degree in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.

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