Easy remedies for a gassy stomach. (Image via Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio)

8 quick ways to get rid of a gassy stomach   

If you have a gassy stomach, trying some natural remedies might help you get relief. Too much gas in the stomach can cause bloating, cramping, pain, and tightness and make you feel extremely uncomfortable as well.

Luckily, certain home remedies can provide relief for trapped gas and ease uncomfortable symptoms like bloating and cramping, too. But the remedies might not work for all, so in this case, you need to first try them to see what’s working for your condition.


If your symptoms do not subside and you feel even worse, consult a doctor for immediate medical treatment.

8 natural remedies for a gassy stomach


Here are some easy and quick ways to get relief from too much gas in the stomach.

1. Drink apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Drink apple cider vinegar (Image via Unsplash/Towfiqu barbhuiya)

Apple cider vinegar can give you instant relief from a gassy stomach. That’s because ACV reduces the production of bacteria that cause gas and other symptoms.

Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water or any other beverage. Drink the mixture at least twice a day to get relief.


2. Consume fennel seeds

Chew fennel seeds (Image via Unsplash/Jaspreet Kalsi)

Fennel seeds are another great ingredient for a gassy stomach. They relieve gas and bloating naturally and also prevent them from coming back. All you need to do is chew some fennel seeds and see how that works for you.

3. Take ginger

Consume ginger (Image via Pexels/Pixabay)

Ginger contains properties that help ease fermentation in the stomach. This, as a result, relieves bloating and also offers great improvement in gas.

To consume ginger, you can either make a cup of ginger tea for yourself or opt for ginger supplements. You can also add ginger to your everyday meals to prevent a gassy stomach in the future.

4. Get a massage

Get a massage (Image via Pexels/Yan Krukau)

Massaging your stomach is also an excellent way to get rid of trapped gas. From improving the functioning of the digestive system to helping gas move out of the body, an abdominal massage can offer numerous benefits when it comes to getting relief from gas and bloating.

5. Consume herbal teas

Consume herbal tea (Image via Pexels/Lisa Fotios)

Herbal teas like ginger tea, turmeric tea, peppermint tea, and spearmint tea are all touted for their properties to relieve gas and stomach discomfort.

Studies suggest that these herbs contain carminative properties that may alleviate gas and also get rid of bloating and other abdominal discomforts like constipation and more.

6. Do some yoga asanas

Practice yoga poses (Image via Pexels/Elina Fairytale)

Certain yoga poses can ease a gassy stomach and help stimulate the digestive tract. Regular practice of yoga asanas can also prevent stomach pain and cramping and avoid abdominal problems in the future as well.

Some good yoga poses you can try for trapped gas include the full wind pose, bow pose, cobra pose, and happy baby pose.

7. Try a hot compress

Try hot compress (Image via Freepik/stockking)

A hot compress can help relieve gas, abdominal pain and bloating. The heat stimulates the muscles in the stomach and just like a massage, it helps gas move out of the body.

Additionally, a hot compress can reduce pain and cramps as well. You can either use a hot water bag or a heating pad for the same.

8. Drink liquids

Consume liquids (Image via Unsplash/Mario Raj)

Consuming more liquids like cold milk, warm water, buttermilk, lemon drinks and more can also help you get relief from a gassy stomach. However, just make sure to drink these liquids in moderation and make them fresh at home.

Apart from the aforementioned remedies, make sure you also avoid foods that might trigger gas and make your condition even worse. Examples may include cruciferous vegetables, artificial sweeteners, legumes, and dairy products like cheese.

If these remedies do not help, opt for over-the-counter medication or simply consult a doctor for a more effective treatment.


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