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Is it necessary to become a morning person? (image by gpointstudio on freepik)

Feeling difficulty in waking up? Here's your guide to becoming a morning person

From morning school bells to dawn work meetings, people who wake up with the sun are always benefited by the world. Most people try to become morning people, as it can be very favorable. The puzzle of morning people is related to the concept of chronotypes. Fret not, there are measures available to make this evolution easy.

People who sleep well and rise with the sun often seem to have this fresh vibe, remain chirpy throughout the day and work efficiently. Our sleep cycle is handled by circadian rhythm.


We will discuss the concept of chronotypes, the circadian rhythm, and tips to become a morning person further in this article.

Perks of being a morning person

Chronotype decides whether you are a morning person or an evening person (image by freepik on freepik)

Circadian rhythm works as a clock in our body, which regulates the levels of energy throughout the day. This clock runs 24/7 and then reciprocates to the arrangement of the sunlight. Circadian rhythm is characterized by its different individual properties and decides whether you are the early bird or the night owl.


Chronotype is a tendency that tells a person if he/she is a morning or an evening person. Morning people have an early chronotype and they appreciate getting up early, being in the sun, and taking that vitamin D from nature. They usually show relishing performance during the daylight.

Night owls, on the other hand, wake up later and find their energy source in the evening. They find working in the evening resourceful. Both types have their own significance. However, it is very possible to change and control your sleeping and waking cycles.

Paving the way to become a morning person

A morning person is always energetic (image by freepik on freepik)

To become a morning person and change your sleep schedule entirely take some tough calls. Some measures you can perform to encourage sunlight are as follows.


Good sleep

While it is necessary to wake up early, it is also important to have a proper 7-8 hours of good sleep. Exercise daily, have a good sleep, and try not to consume caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol before going to bed.

If you have trouble sleeping, create a dark environment around you with blackout curtains and make sure your bedding is comfortable.

Routine for sleeping

It is important to have a sleep routine and not to use electronics for a prolonged time. Taking a bath, reading a book, or normal light stretching can result in a little reminder to the brain that it's time take rest.


Being persistent in your schedule is the key to becoming a morning person. Following the routine daily helps the circadian rhythm to adapt to the cycle. Avoid sleeping too much on weekends as it can disturb the circadian cycle.

Shifting the bedtime slowly


Once you start sleeping through the routine, gradually shift your bedtime a little early. Change your wake-up timings accordingly. It is advised that patience is the real deal in this process.

A morning routine

Incorporate various activities into your mornings such as playing time with your pet, or a beverage. Use soothing alarms and leave the rest in the morning sunlight.

Physical activity

Exercising is necessary for overall health. It will facilitate in emphasizing your sleep too. To benefit circadian rhythms, morning and evening exercise should be included in your daily schedule. It will also help your body exhaust a little, helping in fall asleep earlier.

Using lights

Exposure to sunlight will impact positively on the circadian cycle. Strategically using natural light will help the process of becoming a morning person.

Managing diets

Shift your meal times accordingly to align them with your morning person’s routine. Your circadian rhythm should link with your appetite.


Caffeine intake

Avoiding too much caffeine intake will always help a person in becoming a morning person. Maintain the moderation and it will show results accordingly.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that being a morning person will elevate your work efficiency, keep you light-minded, and let you live a healthy lifestyle. To do that, follow these measures and get benefits feasibly.


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