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Celebrities with health issues (Image via Instagram)

From Asthama to Parkinsons: 10 Celebrities Who Opened Up about Their Health Issues

Several Hollywood celebrities with health issues have opened up about their struggles in public forums to raise awareness about their chronic conditions. Long-term medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis have affected even some of the most popular celebrities such as Nick Jonas.

When celebrities with medical issues open up about their struggles with these conditions, it helps in reducing the stigma around them along with increasing the overall awareness about these medical conditions.


In this article, we will discuss celebrities with health issues who have talked about them in public forums to increase awareness.

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are among the celebrities with health issues


#1 Lady Gaga

Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show (Image via Getty)

Lady Gaga is a celebrity with health issues who has opened up about suffering from fibromyalgia. This medical condition leads to pain all over the body, stiffness of muscles, trouble sleeping, problems in concentrating, and extreme tiredness.

She spoke about her fibromyalgia in her Netflix documentary. There is no proper cure for this condition, however, you can alleviate medical symptoms through lifestyle changes and therapy.

#2 Kim Kardashian

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams (Image via Getty)

The Psoriasis medical condition definitely gained increased attention when it was revealed that Kim Kardashian was suffering from this medical condition. When she initially gained a diagnosis for this medical condition, she was completely freaked out in her reality television series.


However, she has gained a much better approach to psoriasis and has accepted herself as she is. But, she always hopes that there is a cure for psoriasis.

#3 Pink

Pink suffers from asthma and is a celebrity with health issues who has sporadically spoken about her medical condition.

Asthma results in the narrowing of the air passages in your lungs due to tightened muscles and inflammation. Asthma further accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic. Pink also spread awareness about wearing masks while slamming people who were against wearing masks in public.

#4 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is also a celebrity with health issues who has opened up to the public. She suffers from Hashimoto disease which leads to trouble concentrating, weight gain, tiredness, and hair loss.

Due to this medical condition, she has always struggled to put on more weight and that is why she is taking medication for the same.

#5 Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is also a celebrity with health issues and has opened up about being diagnosed with lupus. This medical condition causes joint pain, fatigue, and rashes.


Gomez also slammed people who suggested that she was going through a break because of her addiction. She also underwent a kidney transplant because of her condition.

#6 Nick Jonas

At the mere age of 13, Nick Jonas was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He describes this as amongst the most frightening moments of his life.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder and he often wears an insulin pump for his condition. Lifestyle factors do not contribute to this disease.

#7 Syrah Hyland

Syrah Hyland is also a celebrity with health issues who has opened up about her kidney dysplasia. This medical condition develops from birth when the baby has not properly developed kidneys in the womb of the mother.

Due to the condition, Hyland underwent kidney surgery at the age of 21. She slammed back at people criticizing her for weight loss in 2017 citing her health issues as the reason.

#8 Bella Hadid

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco Image via Getty)

Bella Hadid also suffers from Lyme disease, which causes symptoms such as joint pain, extreme tiredness, and heart issues.

In an interview with Porter magazine, Hadid mentioned that because of Lyme disease, she was unable to stand up from bed for six days.

#9 Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox is also a celebrity with health issues, who openly talked about Parkinson’s disease, which generally affects people in their older age group. In this medical condition, your brain gets quite damaged, causing the shaking of the body.

Fox was affected by this disease when he was twenty-nine years old.

#10 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen also opened up about her positive HIV status in 2015. He opened up about being extorted and blackmailed for revealing his status on HIV to the public. This disease damages your immune system, making it harder to fight any disease.

The aforementioned article discusses celebrities with health issues who have decided to open up about their medical conditions ranging from lupus to arthritis in a public forum. This not only helps in increasing public awareness of these medical conditions, but also lessens the social stigma that surrounds them.


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