Neck pains can be really troubling while getting a good sleep. (Image via PexelsKarolina Grabowska)

Get rid of Stiff Neck Pain by trying these Methods

Neck pain, stiff neck and tightness around the neck muscles are some of the most relatable conditions for any present-day individual. Have you ever slept on your back after long office hours just to find yourself waking up to sharp neck pain?

Has it ever occurred that your sleeping habits can cause some serious damage to your neck? Is it too painful to even turn your neck around?


Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we shall discuss some sleeping techniques you need to be aware of to get rid of neck pain.

What causes this neck pain?

Neck pain can have multiple reasons behind. (Image via Pexels/Kindel Media)

Neck pain is easily found to affect most adults in their lifetime. This is caused mostly by bad sleeping hours, improper sleeping positions or certain underlying complications.


Did you feel so tired working that you slept on the couch just to wake up with a nasty neck pain? These small things can pile up to a terrible neck pain that worsens with time if left unchecked.

What is the best way to sleep to cure Stiff Neck?

There are multiple cures for a stiff neck. (Image via Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)

The best sleeping position to reduce neck pain would be: on your back (Supine position) and on your side (Side lying). Both are natural sleeping positions for keeping the spine relaxed but problems arise when not performed correctly.

Research indicates sleeping on your back is the best position. This also supports the natural curve of the neck while keeping your body physiologically relaxed.

Here are some tips to perform the sleeping position correctly and reduce neck pain. You can use these for other sleeping positions that you are used to.

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Tips to sleep perfectly on your back (Supine position):

  • Choose a flat pillow to support your head.
  • Use a rounded pillow to support the curve of your neck.
  • It is recommended to use a soft pillow, preferably a “feather pillow”.
  • Use a special pillow with built neck support for better positioning.

Tips for other sleeping and neck positions:

  • Use a soft pillow for your waist if you sleep on your side.
  • Use a rolling pillow in between your thighs while sleeping on your side.
  • Use a horseshoe pillow while reclining to watch TV.
  • “Memory Foams” claim better sleeping quality, give it a try.

Things to avoid

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position is called “Prone lying”. It can put unnatural stress on your lumbar and neck region causing stiffness in neck muscles.

A high or stiff pillow can keep the neck flexed overnight causing neck pain.

A good pillow is very necessary for a good sleep (Image via Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio)

Sleep disturbances can lead to neck pain. They can happen with prolonged screen time during the night with the propped neck on pillows. Avoid screen time for at least two hours before going to bed.

Sleeping habits are ingrained from childhood and can be difficult to avoid but it is a healthy sign to give the proper sleeping position a try for it might prove effective against neck pain and stiff neck.

Your sleeping position determines your spine health. (Image via Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch)

If still you find complications during sleeping or neck pain after opting for these methods over time, it is always better to seek a medical professional. They can effectively help to relieve your pain.

But neck pain is not a result of bad sleeping habits alone. Research has showed factors such as bad sleeping routines, difficulty in falling asleep, waking up early or abrupt waking up all contributing to chronic sleeping disorders and neuro-skeletal issues in the neck muscles. This can also cause back and shoulder pain.

Therefore, it is always recommended to adopt good sleeping hours alongside proper posture to ensure comfortable sleeping. These can surely help you get rid of neck pain and any stiffness in your neck as such. Stay safe and have a good night!


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