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Getting Sick in Cold Weather - What are the Ways to Prevent it?

When winter arrives, a familiar question always arises — at what temperature can we say that it is cold weather? The answer depends on an individual’s own judgment of cold. If we talk about our normal everyday life, cold weather is considered anything that tempts you to wear a coat or full clothes.

Normally, the optimal temperature to consider it to be cold weather is 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is the freezing point of water. However, it entirely varies from region to region because what feels chilly in one region can be felt pretty mild in another region.


We will further discuss cold weather and its related risks in this article.

Possible illness due to cold weather

Cold weather varies from region to region (image by master1305 on freepik)

Many people enjoy cold weather but it risks our health too. This is because our body needs to adjust to an optimal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Some health risks such as hypothermia and frostbite are serious dangers to health.


Common Cold

The linkage between cold weather and the common cold is what people believe in. Only chilly weather can’t make you ill. Bacterias and viruses that can cause flu or cold spread through air and unhygienic surfaces. Keeping cleanliness and wearing masks might help lower the risk of catching cold during cold seasons.

Common cold is one of the most common ailments one can encounter during the winter season. (Image by stockking on Freepik)

Heart health at risk

The cold season brings vasoconstriction which is not good for our body. It happens because cold blood vessels start narrowing, which increases the chances of a heart attack.

To avoid this, individuals should keep themselves as warm as possible and dress properly before going out. Activities that can stress your heart should also be avoided.

Skin problems

The winter season can really temper your skin moisture. To avoid such problems, one should apply moisturizers frequently and should bathe with lukewarm water. It will help in blocking the evaporation.

Preventive measures from cold weather

What are the preventive measures? (Image by wayhomestudio on Freepik)

The possible preventive measures to keep the effects of cold weather at bay can be:

Staying warm

In order to save yourself from cold weather, one should layer up clothes. Layering multiple layers of clothes keeps you warm by trapping the heat of your body. Make sure your hands and feet are all covered to provide insulation against the cold.


Keep yourself hydrated all the time to avoid the loss of water during cold weather. It is important to keep inner heating systems at work to take care of overall health.

Immune system

Keep eating a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber. It will elevate your energy levels, fight off infections, and give you an extra layer of armor against illnesses.

Sleeping hours

Try to get enough sleep ranging from at least seven to eight hours. This will help you keep fresh, boost the immune system, and let you work efficiently.



Exercising regularly can be very beneficial as it will keep the body active as well as warm. It will also contribute to boosting your immune system. Light stretching, going to the gym, and yoga can help protect you from cold weather.


In winter, people prefer to stay indoors. It is advised to make sure the house has proper ventilation to avoid the inner built-up pollutants. Using an air purifier might help to clear out the contaminated air which as a result helps in not getting ill.


In cold weather, people bound with holidays are likely to get stressed being at home. To manage stress, one should try stress management tips like meditation, deep breathing, and doing fun activities with your family.

In a nutshell, we can say that to fully understand cold weather, one must explore all temperatures, their effect on overall well-being and surroundings, and the safety measures to survive. Temperature varies from region to region and dealing with cold weather with calmness and strategies is important for overall health.


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