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Here Are The Best Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, we often tend to get tensed about what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal as the pain afterward is unbearable. Wisdom teeth like the name, do not make you a philosopher can be quite a nuisance for anyone. These extra sets of teeth grow out mostly during our late teens. At times they become very irritating, and even utterly painful, making it hard to eat, if they come out at the wrong angle, or if the jaw doesn't have enough space.

Those who remove wisdom teeth might face an irritating aftermath, especially with chewing foods for at least a week. Here in this article, we shall discuss some of the best foods you can eat after your wisdom teeth removal and things to avoid to make this painful process, a bit less painful.


What are wisdom teeth?

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Wisdom teeth complete the 32 teeth set in the human skull. They are present way back in your teeth set which are 4 in total numbers (2 on either side of mandible down, and 2 on either side of maxilla top). Wisdom teeth appear in humans during the adult stage, around 17 to 22 in general.


Why do we remove the wisdom teeth?

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Anthropologically, human beings’ food practices have evolved over the years which has rendered the gum smaller leaving the wisdom teeth having no proper space to emerge. They push the surrounding teeth and can cause uncomfortable symptoms like jaw pain, inability to breathe, etc.

This is the major complication with wisdom teeth. There can also be lesions, and cysts formed around a deteriorating wisdom tooth which can cause tremendous pain for anyone obstructing daily life work.


The recovery from wisdom teeth extraction can take from 3 days to up to 2 weeks, and it is important to eat soft foods with good nutritional value, especially during those days.

What are the foods to eat after Wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal can leave sore gums and so it is natural to opt for soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal that are high in nutrition. Hard food items can cause food particles to lodge in irritating places. Hence, it is best to consult a professional for a detailed meal plan for foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal that are helpful, accessible, and ready to go for your recovery while balanced by proper nutritional value.

The best foods to eat after a wisdom teeth removal are:

• Scrambled eggs: Among the foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal, this is among the topmost recommended food items, scrambled eggs are the healthiest, protein-rich food for anyone after surgery. Make sure to cook them continuously, with ample butter and cream to make them soft, fluffy, and delicious.

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• Soup: Soup is among the age-old foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal. It is preferable to have soups without any solid chunks like chicken or tofu, instead opt for blended soups such as tomato soup.

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• Broth: Broth can be prepared from many ranges of items including chicken, beef, and veggies, which is a delicious and high-nutrition addition.

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• Mashed potatoes: Make sure to add a generous amount of butter and milk to soften your mashed potatoes. They are full of carbohydrates which is essential in providing energy to your body.

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• Smoothies: A scoop of whey protein, Greek yogurt, and honey can make a perfect high-protein smoothie and a tasty hack food for getting the best nutritional value. Smoothies are an excellent way to do so.

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• Cottage cheese: This is among one of the most delicious foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal. It is high in protein, and an overall balanced source of carbs; cottage cheese is a soft food item that can aid in the process of recovery and is among the recommended foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

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What things to avoid after wisdom teeth extraction?


Apart from food, there are plenty of precautions one should adhere to after wisdom teeth extraction. The reason why soft foods are preferred is so they can avoid complications like when inappropriate food items get stuck to the extraction site causing irritation, pain, infection, and removal of naturally repairing blood clots.

As for food items, certain foods can trigger irritation which is a hindrance to the healing process. They include-

• High spice foods

• High sugar foods

• Processed foods

• Chewy foods

• Grains, seeds and legumes

• Crunchy foods

• Alcohol

You should always be careful about the foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal. Gather your source from soft foods as much as possible and avoid the aforementioned foods to slow or irritate the healing process. Above all, have fun with your diet.


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