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Important Mouth Cancer Symptoms that You Must Look Out For

Mouth cancer can be quite troublesome if not detected early on, so identifying the mouth cancer symptoms at an early stage is crucial for a good prognosis. Mouth cancer can affect any part of your mouth, which could be due to the consumption of tobacco in the form of cigarettes or cigars. A cancer in the mouth can affect various parts of the mouth, including the lips, gums, and the roof or the floor of the mouth.

If not detected at an early stage, mouth cancer can be fatal just like any other cancer. Thus, it becomes important to understand the symptoms of mouth cancer to get treatment as soon as possible. In this article, we will discuss more about mouth cancer, what it feels like, and what are the early mouth cancer symptoms.


Mouth Cancer: What Is It?

Mouth Cancer Symptoms (Image by stefamerpik on Freepik)

Mouth cancer is usually characterized by white or red patches in the tongue or any other part of the mouth. Now, if these patches are non cancerous, then they tend to heal within a period of time. However, cancerous spots in the mouth tend to stay.

If proper medical check ups are not performed, then this can spread over your mouth. Oral cancer can be caused due to the multiplying of the squamous cells in the mouth due to DNA changes in it. The multiplying of squamous cells can be caused due to excessive smoking and the consumption of tobacco. Further, regular drinking of alcohol and a history of oral cancer in the family can also be the causes of mouth cancer.


Moreover, mouth cancer can also be due to a sexually transmitted disease called HPV, which is short for human papillomavirus. HPV itself is not much of a problem and mostly goes away on its own, but on some occasions, it can be the source of oral cancer.

Mouth Cancer Symptoms

Taking regular checkups is important (Image by stefamerpik on Freepik)

Mouth cancer often stays undetected till later stages. However, understanding its symptoms and getting regular check ups can actually help in early detection. If detected early, the treatment is rather simple. The symptoms of mouth cancer that you should look out for are as follows:

1. Look out for ulcers in the mouth. If the ulcer does not heal within three weeks, then it is possible that it may be cancerous.

2. Any bumps or swelling in the mouth that is persistent for more than three weeks.

3. Development of new red-white patches in the mouth.

4. A feeling of numbness in the mouth or the tongue area.

5. A long lasting sore throat.

If these symptoms are observed, it is better to get it checked by your nearby health expert, preferably a dentist.

In recent years, there have been great advancements in technology, which, in turn, has brought to people better treatments for cancer. Techniques like robotic surgery and immunotherapy are two such treatments that have proven to be effective for patients. Thus, if detected early, the chances of it being cured is quite high.


With some lifestyle changes, the problems related to mouth cancer can be avoided altogether. Abstinence from smoking, reduction in alcohol consumption, and following a healthy diet can reduce the risks of mouth cancer.

Almost all mouth cancers can be preventable, so undergoing regular checkups and understanding the mouth cancer symptoms can help you detect it early and treat it accordingly.


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