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Is delulu really a solution to our problems, or is it just a passing trend? (Image via Vecteezy/ Giuseppe Ramos)

Is 'Delulu' the 'Solulu' to better living? Psychologist's take on the TikTok trend

Delulu is the new solulu for Gen-Z, and it seems to be going viral. It seems that TikTok has revived the pop term again, when it was first coined in 2014 by K-Pop fans. Are delusions really the solutio, or has this trend taken it too far?

The buzzword first came into picture from a belief that someone may like you, even when the signals point otherwise. Just like delusions, it's something that you believe in, even when the evidence points otherwise. Why is then being associated to well-being? There may be some substance in delulu after all.


Is 'Delulu' the 'Solulu'? What does it try to indicate?

Sometimes you need to push yourself and manifest the better. (Image via Unsplash/Razvan Chisu)

Delusional disorder is a serious mental health issue. Unlike delulu, it has been recognized as a DSM diagnosis and can seriously impact lives. However, delulu lies on a positive spectrum and believes in the power of manifestation.

Initially, limited to love towards idols, it has clearly been generalised to other areas of life. You may be wondering about the rationale behind that. The primary reason is that this trend believes in unwavering self-confidence.


It asks you to be unapologetically optimistic and perseverant about your goals, even when you're met with failures on the way. It believes that your confidence is directly tied to self-esteem, and you can get anything if you really want it.

Additionally, when you think positively, you're likely to feel that you can achieve your goals. It's just easier to vision your success. A lot of individuals have difficulty in envisioning their future (a positive one), as their inner self-talk remains very negative.

If you do want to hop on the ride, you can begin with some visualisation exercises that help you imagine your goals clearly. You can also engage in journaling positive thoughts that allow you to manifest your dreams. Would you want to give it a try?


Delulu sheds light on an important concept, how we talk to ourselves and the way we see ourselves. However, in no way should it be kept in the same category as delusions, which can be seriously detrimental.

While it's important to see it as different from a mental health concern, it can be a fun way to give yourself a push to do better and bigger.

Janvi Kapur is a counselor with a Master's degree in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.

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