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Brazilian influencer Adriana Thyssen dead due to an unknown illness (Image via Instagrama/Adriana Thyssen)

Fitness influencer Adriana Thyssen dead due to a mystery illness, cousin announces her demise on social media

Well-known Brazilian fitness influencer and founder of Drika Store (a plus-size sportswear online fashion store), Adriana Thyssen, has unfortunately died at the age of 49 due to an unknown illness. The news of her passing was shared by one of her family members through her official Instagram handle.

Although no details have been divulged about the cause of her death, the Instagram post made in her memory does mention the date of her demise, which is September 17, 2023. The post, when translated into English, reads:

“It is with deep sadness and regret that we, the Drika Blog and Drika Store team and family announce the death of our dear Drika."

The post further read:

“In this moment of pain, we ask for everyone’s prayer and compassion.”

Thyssen was buried at a private funeral at Cemitério Bom Jesus in Araguari, in her native state of Minas Gerais.


Who is Adriana Thyssen and why was she famous?

The cause of Adriana's death has not been revealed yet (Image via Instagram/Adriana Thyssen)

Adriana Thyssen was a very popular Brazilian fitness influencer. She has around 639k followers on Instagram, where she periodically used to update her followers about her workouts and diets and sometimes also about her plus-size underwear brand, Drika store.

Her claim to fame as a fitness influencer started when she decided to shed a few pounds to lead a better life. On multiple occasions, she has shared how her struggles with her weight have also led her to struggle with her mental health and drug addiction, which is why she decided to embark on the journey in the first place.


With a combination of exercise and diet, Adriana managed to shed around a whopping 80 pounds in the first eight months of her journey. While on the journey herself, she also encouraged her followers to go down the same path if they wished to do so.

What is Adriana Thyssen's cause of death?


No details about the cause of Adriana's death have been revealed yet, either by her family or by other sources. However, her family did share the date of her passing with the public. Based on the details provided by her cousin on the fitness influencer's Instagram page, she breathed her last on September 17, 2023.

Some theorists trying to speculate on the cause of her death have pointed towards her ongoing struggle with depression and drug addiction, something she has been extremely vocal about previously.

Recently, a lot of fitness influencers who have been constantly pushing their limits in terms of their diet or exercise regime have passed away. Even if Adriana Thyssen's cause of death isn't the same, all these deaths collectively should be a reminder of how you should not push your body to extreme limits without proper guidance.


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