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100-day cough cases on rise in UK (Image via Unsplash/ Anastasiia Chepinska)

UK faces health crisis as ‘100-day cough’ cases skyrocket by 250%

The United Kingdom is facing a potential health crisis as cases of the "100-day cough" have risen by 250% this year. Health officials are warning the public about the concerning surge in whooping cough, a bacterial infection of the lungs that can cause violent and uncontrollable coughing fits in infants and children.

According to the UK Health Security Agency, between July and November this year, there were 716 reported cases of pertussis, the scientific name for whooping cough. The figure is three times higher than that of the same period in 2022.


It is a worrying indication that the disease is spreading despite the efforts of social distancing and lockdown policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rise in cases of “100-day cough” sparks health crisis concern in the United Kingdom

Majority of the kids are impacted due to this (Image via Unsplash/ Vitolda Klein)

The increase in 100-day cough cases might be because people missed their vaccination appointments, especially during the pandemic. The experts are telling everyone to double-check their vaccination records to make sure they got the vaccine. It's usually given during childhood and for pregnant women.


Getting vaccinated is the best way to stop pertussis from spreading and it can even pass antibodies from the mom to the baby through the placenta, keeping them safe.

symptoms lasts for days (Image via Unsplash/ Engine Akyrut)

In serious cases, the coughing from pertussis can make you throw up and even break your ribs. It's a really contagious disease, and babies and little kids are most vulnerable. However, there's a vaccine to keep you safe.

The UK NHS wants parents to make a doctor's appointment if they or their child show signs of severe cough or if a cold lasts more than three weeks and gets worse


Experts stress importance of checking vaccination records in wake of “100-day cough” surge

Early detection is important (Image via Unsplash/ Engin A)

In the UK, the vaccine rates for pertussis have dropped to the lowest levels in seven years, even though there's a vaccine ready to go. The government data from 2022 shows that only 61.5 percent of people in England got the vaccine, which is like a 3.9 percent drop from 2021 and a hefty 7.6 percent decrease from 2020, according to the Sun.

Catching and treating pertussis early is important. If you get diagnosed within three weeks of getting it, you'll get some medicine that can help fight the infection and keep it from spreading to others. But, if it's really bad, especially for babies under six months, you might need to go to the hospital.

The "100-day cough" situation in the UK has become very critical. The numbers are skyrocketing and many are looking at a potential health crisis here. So, the experts are saying, make sure you check your vaccination records. If you or your kid start showing symptoms of 100-day cough, get yourself to the doctor as early as possible.


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