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Man captures the exact moment he felt heart attack (Image via YouTube/Alain Bruno)

Watch: A heart attack survivor’s video captures the exact moment he realized something was wrong

The experience of surviving a heart attack can be a terrifying event, and one man has captured the exact moment he realized something was wrong.

Alain Bruno, a heart attack survivor, posted a video on YouTube that captures the harrowing experience of his medical emergency.


Bruno'a decision to record himself on video coincided with experiencing unusual symptoms for several days. Little did he know that his decision to capture himself on camera would prove to be crucial in documenting his heart attack.

The video, which has since gone viral, provides a real and unfiltered look into the horrifying sequence of events that unfolded.


Man captures moment his heart attack struck

Heart attack moment (Image via YouTube/Alain Bruno)

The footage begins with Bruno standing in a bathtub, portraying his usual routine, but shortly after, he experiences excruciating pain, clutching his chest in agony.

He tries to communicate with his audience, but the pain overcomes him, making it difficult for him to speak.

After witnessing the incident, viewers promptly shared their thoughts in the comments section. One viewer highlighted the significance of Bruno's experience:

"This is an excellent example of why individuals should never hesitate to call 911 when they are experiencing unusual physical sensations." The viewer continued, "This poor man could have been only 60 seconds away from losing his life."

It's important for people to call for emergency services if they experience these symptoms, which may include chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, dizziness and sweating, as reported by the NHS.

Reach ou to 911 in case of emergency (Image via Unsplash/Michel E)

Another viewer expressed their concern:

"It's scary to think that this type of situation could happen to anyone at any time, regardless of their age and fitness level."
Heart attack (Image via YouTube/Alain Bruno)

Similarly, a third viewer pointed out that the worst part of the incident was that if Alain had passed out from the pain, he could have drowned.

On a positive note, a fourth viewer appreciated the value of sharing this experience:

"Thank you for posting this alarming yet informative video. While we are frequently told about the warning symptoms, observing it happen in real-time provides a better understanding of what it looks like."

Knowing the signs of a heart attack can save your life

Alain Bruno's decision to capture his heart attack has received both praise and criticism.

However, his video serves as an educational tool, allowing viewers to witness the reality of a heart attack as it unfolds. By witnessing the visible discomfort and audible distress captured in the footage, viewers gain a deep understanding of what a heart attack can look like.


When Alain Bruno had a heart attack, the video helped people recognize these symptomsk The video encourages us to be proactive about heart health.

It can potentially save many lives and lessen the impact of heart disease.


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