By identifying signs of holiday depression, you pay way for better well-being. (Image via Vecteezy/ Liubomyr Vorona)

Signs of holiday depression that you might be overlooking

The holidays are here. The signs of holiday depression can significantly affect how we feel, behave and interact with others around us.

Unfortunately for some of us, this can be a time of inner turmoil and sadness. While Christmas and the New Year are a time of joy and high spirits, some may feel the pressure a little too much.


It's possible that some of us are going through a turbulent time or that we lost something this season. Symptoms of holiday depression can be lurking around, and many of us may see it as being lazy or not active.

We may shrug it off by not considering it as important enough. It's essential to note that all your emotions are valid, though, no matter how big or small they may be.


Signs of holiday depression that you should not miss

Signs of depression that are subtle yet impactful. (Image via Vecteezy/Yuliya Pauliukevich)

The holidays can bring mixed feelings. Most of us love being around family, yet we hate the sadness it brings on and all the other emotions.

The signs of holiday depression may not just be sadness and can include a range of behaviors.

#1 Feeling pressured

One of the subtle signs of holiday depression is feeling pressured. Holidays are so engaging and demanding that sometimes we normalise feeling pressured and fatigued.


However, not everyone is equipped to deal with so much pressure. That's especially true for people who are just looking for some rest and break.

#2 Increased mood disturbances

The symptoms of major depressive disorder are not limited to sadness. An individual can experience a wide range of emotions, from irritation to guilt and hopelessness.

If you are experiencing signs of holiday depression, you may find yourself feeling agitated and irritated at the smallest inconveniences.

#3 Withdrawal

One of the common signs of depression is pushing further into your shell. (Image via Freepik)

Social isolation and withdrawal can become more prevalent during the holiday season. The general expectation is that we meet people, go to get-togethers, and socialise.

However, for people with depression, it becomes harder to plan outings. They don't necessarily have the energy to expend on these activities. When they see others going out, they may retreat further into their shells.

#4 Changes in routine

Sometimes the signs of holiday depression are indicative of a mental health issue, like seasonal affective disorder.

Any individual who is likely to be diagnosed with a mental health issue sees a huge difference in their functioning. They may have trouble managing the basic chores and may also find themselves struggling to maintain a routine.

Holidays can sometimes bring a wave of depression, which is not always easy to beat.

The overwhelming feeling of needing to get everything done and have everything ‘perfect’ can spin us into a state of exhaustion and burn out. Focus on one thing in front of you, and as you do so, breathe in and release. That helps you become more aware of the surroundings and grounds you back into a state of calmness.


If you are displaying signs of holiday depression, remember that you are not alone. Try to be around people who care about you. Instead of isolating yourself, be with those who love and support you.

Janvi Kapur is a counselor with a Master's degree in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.

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