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5 Best Medicine Ball Exercises for Men

The medicine ball is a handy and versatile exercise accessory. It is often used to add resistance to strength and power movements. You can hold it between your hands for better strength, and between your knees to improve stability and resistance.

Medicine balls are great for a variety of training modules, but some exercises are better when performed with them. They come in various weights to provide the exact resistance you require, based on your goals, needs, and capabilities.


5 Best Medicine Ball Exercises for Men

We’ve gathered the best exercises you can do with a medicine ball for optimum results in strength, power, and stability. These exercises target various parts of the body, so add them to your routine a few times a week for a killer full-body workout. Perform each exercise for 10 to 15 reps in sets of three or four.


Medicine ball slams

• Hold the med ball in your hands and stand straight, with your feet just below your hips. Raise the ball up over your head, extending your arms and lengthening your body.


• Slam the med ball down powerfully to the floor, squatting towards it to gain momentum.

• Grab the ball again as it bounces off the floor and raise it overhead again for your next rep.

Medicine ball push ups


• Put the med ball onto the floor and get into a high plank position with your hands on the ball, bracing your core to maintain balance in this starting position.

• Push your elbows back and get your chest towards the med ball, lowering your entire body down.

• Push yourself back up, straightening your arms out fully into the starting position.


Overhead squats

• Hold the med ball straight over your head. Stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart.

• Squat down to the floor by pushing your knees forward and hips back, maintaining the ball overhead with locked elbows.

• Push yourself back up into the starting position and squeeze your glutes.


Sit ups

• Hold the med ball in your hands and lay on the floor. Keep it straight above your chest. Bend your legs up in front of you and point your knees to the ceiling.

• Crunch your abs and raise yourself into a seated position. Push your arms overhead and your chest close to your knees.

• Lay back down slowly on the floor.


Russian twists

• Hold a med ball in your hands and sit on the floor. Bend your legs in front of you and lean back slightly. Keep your shoulders upright with a medicine ball in front of your chest.

• Twist your upper body and rotate your shoulders completely to the right, then to the left. Continue alternating sides.


If you don’t have a medicine ball, it’s time to get one now! This accessory will help you improve your workouts and give you better gains. Perform these exercises at least thrice a week for the best results. Be sure to get plenty of rest and follow a healthy diet.


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