Strength training for weight loss

The Ultimate Strength Training Program For Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight by going all out on cardio? Okay, let me start by saying you are not completely wrong. Cardio is very important when it comes to losing weight. But is that all?


Well, there is more to losing weight than just cardio. Let us look at two things here: diet and strength training. We all know that diet is extremely important. Even if you hit the gym two times a day and workout for 2 hours per session, it still does not guarantee weight loss. It is mainly because your diet is as crucial as your workout regime.


Maybe, post your work out, you treat yourself with a large pizza and a side of fries. As tempting as that may sound, you just ruined your workout session. Thus, diet is important. Include a lot of protein in your diet. Know that there is a difference between good carbs and bad carbs and be diligent when it comes to measuring or counting the calories you are having.


Now, let us talk about strength training. A lot of people see strength training as a form that bulks you up or simply helps you enhance your endurance and strength. What they ignore is that strength training helps you lose weight too. It is mainly because when you use your muscles, you use up energy. That energy is extracted from the fat in your body. And when that happens, you start losing weight really fast.


Now that we have convinced you to start strength training to lose weight, let us look at some valuable workout tips that will help you with it:



Exercise #1


Walking Lunges



Step 1: Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet together. Keep your arms by your side.

Step 2: Put your right leg forward and bend both your knees. Your right knee will bend at a 90-degree angle and your left knee will bend down to touch the floor. Your right thigh will be parallel to the ground and your knee will not cross your toes.

Step 2: Get back up and repeat the same motion with your left leg. This makes 1 rep.

Do 2 sets of 20 reps each.

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Exercise #2

Commando Plank


Step 1: Get down on all your fours with your knees and palms on the floor. Push your legs back to get to the high plank position. Your arms will be extended under your shoulders and your body will form a straight line from your head to your heels.


Step 2: Now, bend your right elbow and place your right forearm on the floor. Repeat the same motion for your left hand such that you get in the plank position.

Step 3. Extend your right hand again to straighten your elbows and place your palm on the floor. Do the same for your left side to get to the initial position. This makes 1 rep.

Do 2 sets of 10 reps each.

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Exercise #3



Step 1: Stand with your feet hip width apart and keep your arms by your side.

Step 2: Lower down by bending your knees and go until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Step 3: Bend further down to place your palms next to your feet such that your legs are between your arms.

Step 4: Push your legs back to get to the high plank position, with your arms extended under your shoulders and your body aligned in a straight line.


Step 5: Bend your elbows to do a push up and quickly pull your legs forward to place them between your arms.

Step 6: Push through your feet and straighten your legs to jump as high as you can with your arms extended over your head.

Step 7: Land on your toes and get down to the squat position. Repeat.

Do this exercise for 2 minutes, with a 30-seconds break in the middle.

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Exercise #4

One Arm Kettlebell Swing


Step 1: Keep a kettlebell in front of you and stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Bend forward by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Keep your back straight and grab the kettlebell with your right hand.

Step 3: Swing the bell back between your legs and quickly push your hips forward, straighten your legs and swing the kettlebell forward without bending your elbow. Come up until your arms are at your shoulder level. Repeat by lowering it back down.


Do this for 1 minute of each side.

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Exercise #5

Russian Twists


Step 1: Sit on the floor and bend your knees to place your feet flat on the ground. Keep your back straight and clasp your hands in front of your chest.

Step 2: Lift your legs off the ground and bend your upper body backwards. You will have to balance your body on your hips.

Step 3: Without arching your back, twist your torso to the right and swing your arms to the right, as well.

Step 4: Get back to the initial position and repeat for the other side. Continue doing these motions.

Do this exercise for 1 minute.


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