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Thumb Exercises: A Guide To Relieve Your Trigger Finger

Thumb exercises are always a great source to relieve a common condition called stenosing tenosynovitis, or simply trigger finger. The trigger finger affects mostly the ring finger or the thumb, this is generally associated with mild to sharp pain, swelling, sharp clicking, locking, and stiffness. In this article, we shall discuss some thumb exercises and workouts that you can perform to avoid such an upcoming condition.


Trigger Finger And Causes

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While the thumb exercises are a great help, you should be aware of trigger finger causes. Trigger finger is a form of tendinitis affecting the flexor tendons in your fingers. The tendons and other soft ligaments help in the movement of the fingers.


The major problem with a trigger finger is the loss of flexion or movement in the finger which means one would have stiff fingers throughout life. Now this is quite worrisome for it hinders mobility leaving a curled or bent finger. Finger movements are an everyday need from grasping to laying out. Trigger fingers can make things challenging by preventing even basic straightening out of fingers.

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Studies have found that trigger fingers could occur more in old age. They can also occur due to underlying conditions like gouts, diabetes, and such, or when the fingers are exposed to abnormal stress causing the tendon to be damaged in some way causing a stiff trigger finger.

While awaiting treatment, there are a few great thumb exercises that you can practice to alleviate the pain, ensure some mobility, and keep the finger from worsening.

Trigger Thumb Exercises


Thumb exercises are important in maintaining finger life, mobility, and flexibility by avoiding Trigger fingers getting worse over time. The two important movements that incorporate thumb exercises include stretches and bends. Some thumb exercises that have proven effective over time would be.

1. Ball squeeze: A standard for any grip test, ball squeeze is an effective thumb exercise. Squeeze a small ball and gently apply pressure. Use the thumb for better strength and grip. Perform 3 to 4 times a day. Or carry a small ball around you. It is versatile and fun.

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2. Bent thumb: This thumb exercise requires you to bend your thumb inwards to your palm and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 to 4 times a day.

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3. Hand clench: Lay your palm over a table with your thumb upwards. Straighten the fingers then clench it into a ball. Try this 10 times.

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4. Upward/Downward palms: Lay the palm with your thumb upwards on a table. Slowly bend it towards yourself, then release. Practice this 10 times. Now do the same thing with the thumb downwards.

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5. Side-to-side bend: You can try this with both a clenched fist and an open palm. From the joint, try bending the wrist side to side 10 times.

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Trigger Finger Workout

You can perform the thumb exercises 3 to 4 times a day for a week first. These thumb exercises are versatile and can be performed anywhere. You can notice progress with the amount of flexibility you gain in your fingers over time. Do not rush things. Perform each exercise with slow and controlled movement.

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Consult a professional if you notice more than usual pain in your fingers while performing the aforementioned exercises.

In conclusion, thumb exercises are a great physiological way to look out for the trigger finger. While the trigger finger can heal within a matter of a week, some can persist and worsen over time. In some cases, over-swelling of the trigger finger has been treated by surgical method. But overall, we recommend you practice the thumb exercises safely and if possible, consult medical help.


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