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The medicinal uses of rosemary have entered the mental health world. (Image via Pexels/ Lachlan Ross)

Top medicinal uses of rosemary that can be in your mental health toolkit

The medicinal uses of rosemary have been well-known for centuries. The role of herbs in treating mental health conditions continues to be recognized to date. While it is not clear if herbs can cure these issues, they have a calming and soothing effect on us. Rosemary herb has become increasingly famous due to its enormous use in mental and spiritual health.

The origin of its name, “Rosmarinus” comes from Latin and it means: "Dew of the sea".⁣ This is because rosemary appeared on the Mediterranean beaches and has a characteristic smell of flowers by the sea.


One of the increasingly recognized medicinal uses of rosemary is stress management. You may have heard people using rosemary oils during deep massage sessions or as a way of purifying their homes. However, there is much more to rosemary than just stress management.

Along with the medicinal uses of rosemary, other herbs and spices are also used for mental health. (Image via Vecteezy/ hakan kaçar)


Top medicinal uses of rosemary for your mental health

Medicinal uses of rosemary can come handy in your everyday life. (Image via Unsplash/ Paula Brustur)

The big question is: does rosemary help mental health? Greek students used rosemary branches on their heads when they needed to take exams since the herb had a reputation for stimulating memory. They also made rosemary crowns and used them as a symbol of immortality.

While these are some age-old ways to use rosemary, here are the top medicinal uses of rosemary that you can benefit from now.

1. Calms your nerves

Is rosemary a stress reliever? If you are someone who believes in energy, you may benefit from this. In the medieval era, the medicinal uses of rosemary were purification and disinfection for those who were ill. It was also believed that it could ward off evil spirits from the sick by burning its stem to purify the air.


While you may not need to ward off spirits, it can be helpful for you to create a calming environment. Rosemary has been long used as an herb for aromatherapy.

2. Reduction of symptoms of anxiety

The benefits of rosemary are not just limited to its aromatic charm. (Image via Pexels/ Monstera Production)

Is rosemary good for anxiety and depression? The medicinal uses of rosemary trigger a relaxation response. This is especially helpful when you are looking for alternative ways to manage your anxiety.

When you are feeling burdened with negative thoughts, applying rosemary essential oil or lighting up a rosemary candle can be very helpful. Many therapists recommend the use of strong fragrances as a way of grounding yourself.

3. Promote cognitive functions

Current research shows that mental health issues are characterized by inflammation and can further contribute to difficulties in concentration and memory. However, rosemary plays a vital role in shielding your brain cells. Some indicate that it enhances cognitive function and reduces brain fog.

It is important to note that no herb is a replacement for medical advice. However, they have their own place in helping us and relieving our mental health symptoms. With regulation in place, you can benefit from adding this to your tool kit.


The primary advantages of using herbs for mental health are that they are cheap, easily available, and have little to no side effects. Now that we know rosemary has benefits beyond its aroma, how would you like to incorporate it? Would it be a cup of tea or an essential oil for your head massage?

Janvi Kapur is a counselor with a Master's degree in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.


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