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Trevor Lawrence Ankle Injury (Image by @tlawrence on Instagram)

Trevor Lawrence Health Update - American soccer player experiences ankle injury

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence copped a serious injury during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals. This is the second injury blow for the Jaguars after Joe Burrow.

Seeing Trevor return to the tunnel with assistance made fans curious about the severity of his injury. It also cast doubt on the future of Jacksonville Jaguars, with injuries proving to be a setback in their gameplay.


What happened to Trevor Lawrence?

Update about the quarterback (Image via Jacksonville Jaguars on YouTube)

In Monday night's game against rivals Cincinnati Bengals, Trevor Lawrence suffered an ankle during the fourth quarter of the game. Trevor was dropping back to pass on when his right ankle got accidentally stepped on by Lineman Walker Little. This led to Trevor falling onto his legs, twisting his ankle under his body.

Following this, Trevor tried to move out of the field but struggled to walk, and realising his injury, he threw his helmet onto the ground in frustration. He was carried back to the locker room, where he crippled and struggled to put weight on his right leg.


There was no update about him after the game. However, NFL insider Adam Schefter shared on social media, which said:

"Initial testing showed that Jaguars’ QB Trevor Lawrence sprained his ankle, per source. Lawrence is scheduled to undergo additional testing tonight and Tuesday to determine the extent of the injury and how much time he will miss."

Later on, head coach Doug Pederson gave an update where he confirmed that Trevor Lawrence had a high ankle sprain. However, he did not give any specifics about the recovery time.

Trevor Lawrence injury (Image via News4JAX The Local Station on YouTube)

The captain's injury is quite a setback for the team and the hopes for their qualification lie on how fast Trevor makes a comeback. However, the coach has shown belief in backup quarterback C.J. Beathard.

He told reporters:

"We'll see where Trevor's at first, but we've got 100% confidence in C.J. He's a veteran player. He's played a lot of football, and if he happens to be the guy then we'll get behind him and support him."

More About a Sprained Ankle

Ankle Sprain (Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik)

An ankle sprain is an injury where the tissues that connect ankle bones are stretched or torn. Just like Trevor Lawrence, this is a very common injury among athletes.

Ankle sprains can be divided into various grades depending on the type of damage to the tissue or the ligament. Grade 1 stands for a mild injury, while the highest Grade 4 is for a severe injury.

The general symptoms of it are pain in the ankle and difficulty in putting weight on it. Further, one may face difficulty in walking and swelling in the affected area.

It can be treated by using the PRICE method, as it works well for recovery. However, if the pain persists it is better to get medical help as soon as possible.

There is no update about Trevor Lawrence's recovery time thus, his return to the field is still unknown.


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