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What is dry ginger good for? Exploring its health benefits

Ginger is undoubtedly one of the healthiest spices, and dry ginger powder is no exception. Fresh ginger roots are dried and processed to create ginger powder, commonly referred to as ground ginger.

The powder has a wide range of applications and uses. Because of its many health advantages and zesty flavor that adds a new dimension to cuisine, ginger is one of the most popular and extensively used spices in the world.


Continue reading to learn about the health benefits of dry ginger in detail.

Amazing benefits of dry ginger

Ginger powder is good for digestion (Image via Unsplash/ Conscious Design)

Dried ginger and fresh ginger have different effects on body temperature. Fresh ginger is a fantastic cure for lowering a fever since it helps lower body temperature. The body temperature rises with dried ginger. Eating dried ginger or foods containing it is a popular technique for people to stay warm on chilly days.


1) Helps with indigestion

Dry ginger relieves chronic indigestion-related stomach pain and discomfort. Ginger has been demonstrated to relieve indigestion, which is thought to be caused by a delay in the stomach's emptying. In a study involving 24 healthy participants, taking one to two grams of dried ginger powder prior to a meal accelerated the stomach's emptying process by fifty percent.

2) Helps with morning sickness

Dry ginger boiled in hot water is a good cure for motion sickness and morning sickness, especially in pregnant women. Pregnant ladies can effectively reduce their nausea symptoms by taking dry ginger with water. Because dry ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities, it calms the stomach and relieves irritation completely.


3) Relieves menstrual pain

For easing period pain, dry ginger powder is a wonderful solution. During the first few days of menstruation, mix ginger powder, salt, and a teaspoon of honey into boiling water and consume. Period cramps can be cured with a glass of ginger water, which also eases pain and soothes the stomach. Drinking ginger tea can also help to lessen menstruation pain.

4) Good for flu and common cold

Ginger powder is made with dehydrated ginger (Image via Unsplash/ David Gabrielyan)

Strong anti-inflammatory chemicals found in ginger, such as gingerol and shaogol, can help treat the common cold and the flu. Ginger helps keep the body warm and prevents colds during the winter and monsoon seasons. Warm water infused with a half-spoon of dry ginger powder is said to provide immediate relief from the common cold and flu.

5) Good for diabetic patients

Ginger has potential applications in both therapy and prevention of type II diabetes. Ginger enhances your body's capacity to metabolize fats and carbs and helps to control the release of insulin. Diabetics will particularly benefit from this.

Additionally, ginger has been shown to help balance cholesterol levels and lower blood glucose levels. Diabetics can better manage their condition and avoid the constant struggle with their diabetes when all of these levels are in harmony and the body is receiving the right amount of insulin.

Anyone at risk of diabetes or managing their diabetes can benefit just by finding methods to incorporate ginger powder into their diet.


Does dry ginger help with weight loss?

Dried ginger may help with weight loss (Image via Unsplash/ Mockup Graphics)

The possible benefits of ginger, especially dried ginger or powdered ginger, on weight loss have been investigated. However, the results are not quite clear-cut. The following are some possible ways that ginger could help with weight management:

Controlling appetite: Dry ginger has been proposed as a potential aid in controlling appetite. According to certain research, ginger may affect how full you feel and help you eat less overall, both of which may help you lose weight.

Thermogenic effect: There is some data indicating that the body may respond thermogenically to ginger. This implies that it could enhance the body's mechanisms for burning calories, which could facilitate weight loss.

Blood sugar regulation: Controlling blood sugar levels is critical to managing weight. Ginger may help control blood sugar levels, which may lower the risk of insulin resistance and weight gain.

Adding that additional bit of ginger to your diet doesn't need significant dietary adjustments. All you need to do is incorporate a half-teaspoon of ground ginger into your muesli or smoothie in the morning. Given all the health advantages of ginger, a small amount goes a long way.


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