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Why is it necessary to have fluid balance in the body? (Image by freepik on freepik)

Why Fluid Balance is necessary in the body and how can you manage it?

In our everyday life, we often forget to keep up with the ideal fluid balance in the body thanks to our busy schedules. It is a physiological process that is important in regulating overall health.

Fluid balance is the fundamental maintenance of the input and the output of fluids taken by the body and managing the hydration level up to an optimal range.


It is important to fully understand the concept of fluid balance to do the overall check-up and know the possible cause of the condition. We will talk about the anatomy, physiology, and maintenance of fluid balance, and possible treatment further in this article.

Anatomy and physiology of fluid balance

Dehydration is the loss of fluids from the body. (image by freepik on freepik)

A combination of hydrostatic pressure gradients and osmotic pressure gradients makes fluid balance possible within the body. Osmotic pressure regulates the mechanism of osmoregulation which is important for individuals struggling with kidney-related issues.


Osmosis is termed as the passive movement of fluid substances from lower concentration to higher concentration. Fluid balance regulation is mostly done with the help of the cardiovascular and renal systems. Additionally, it is facilitated by hydrostatic and osmotic pressure gradients.

The human body comprises 60% water. This includes important functions such as the transportation of nutrients and maintenance of temperature. The release of anti-diuretic hormones is the onset of a hormonal mechanism that further regulates the fluid balance of the body.

Processes like water excretion and reabsorption are facilitated by the help of ADH in response to the changing osmolarity. This hormonal control is crucial for regulating the process of homeostasis in hypovolemic and overloaded situations.


Causes of fluid balance

Patient care is important. (image by user18526852 on freepik)

As we all know, fluid balance is crucial for overall well-being and tampering with these processes can cause severe health conditions. Kidney disease or heart disease are the primary disorders that can cause an overload of fluid. These conditions can cause intricacy in removing excess water which will further result in edema.

Another fluid disturbance is caused by dehydration. It is a process of losing fluid more than how much the body takes in. The cardiovascular and renal systems, along with hormonal regulation, have to work in sync in order to make sure there's a balance in intake as well as output of fluids.

Hence, excess fluid in the body and dehydration are the two main causes that can affect a patient’s health.

Maintaining fluid balance

Fluid balance is a necessary target to complete as it regulates the overall health. There are plenty of measures to maintain fluid balance and they are:


1. To ensure fluid balance, precise vitals of fluid input and output should be monitored.

2. Intravenous fluids (IV fluids) can also be beneficial for patients. Nurses should be well aware of the diverse kinds of replacement fluids like crystalloids and colloids, and their physiological effects on the patients.

3. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) tells us that nurses are much needed for patient care. Tampering with the information in the patient’s records can result in incorrect diagnoses, imbalance in the fluid intake, and disruption in electrolyte count.

We can conclude from the article that fluid balance is necessary for overall health. Making sure of proper intake and output of fluids will help an individual to regulate all the systems in the body.

Many processes facilitate the fluid balance such as hydrostatic pressure gradients and osmotic pressure gradients. Taking medical advice, if needed, will ensure a healthy lifestyle.


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