Yoga for beginners is a great way to relax and calm your mind. (Image via Unsplash/A Rosara)

5 Yoga Poses for Beginners to Relax Your Mind and Body

Yoga for beginners is a great way to get fit and feel more in tune with your body. One of the most attractive features of yoga is its flexibility.

You can practice anywhere, even if you don't have much space or equipment — or need silence to concentrate. You don't need much more than an open space in your home, bare feet, and a yoga mat. As practicing yoga requires only your bodyweight, it's an ideal way to get fit if you're just starting out.


Yoga is a great way to not just work out but also practice mindfulness and learn how to connect with your body in a healthy way. Yoga is becoming more popular in the west, but it still has some way to go before it gains more popularity.


Best Yoga poses for Beginners

Here are five such poses:


1) Cat-Cow Pose

How to do it?

  • Inhale, and arch your back, dropping your head and tailbone toward the mat.
  • Exhale, and arch back further, tilting your tailbone toward the ceiling while dropping your tailbone toward the floor to come into cat pose.

2) Plank Pose

How to do it?

  • Lie on the floor, face down. Extend your legs, and keep your toes tucked.
  • Pull your abs in and lift up so that the back is flat and level with your shoulders.
  • Keep your gaze directed slightly forward to keep the spine neutral.

3) Downward Facing Dog

How to do it?

  • Lie facedown on the floor or bed with your legs extended behind you.
  • Raise your hips until you form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  • Place your hands flat on the floor, with your fingers spread wide and your palms pressed against the mat.

4) Mountain Pose

How to do it?

  • Stand up straight, making sure your weight is evenly distributed across both feet.
  • Let your hands go to the sides, with your palms facing forward.
  • Spread your toesl lift up your chest, and bring down the shoulder blades.

5) Garland Pose

How to do it?

  • Simply sit down between your legs, bending at the knees and keeping your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lift your torso upright, and bring your hands together in front of you, pressing your elbows into your legs to push them apart.

Is Doing 30 Minutes of Yoga a Day Enough?

If you're looking for a way to stay active and maintain your independence as you age, yoga can help.

Yoga for beginners helps offset the natural effects of aging by helping you make the most of your body's flexibility and strength. If you practice for just 30 minutes every day, you will reap the benefits in no time.

Many people view yoga and advancing in yoga poses as predominantly a matter of becoming more flexible.
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Yoga for beginners is a movement practice that, when done correctly, can provide many benefits, especially for seniors. It improves flexibility and strength, reduces stress level, and promotes better sleep, allowing you to set your pace and level of intensity.

Health Benefits of Yoga For Beginners

Here are some benefits:

"Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future."
-Swami Sivananda


1) Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, try practicing a gentle yoga pose or two before bed. You will be able to get a better night of sleep by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

2) Improved Digestion

Yoga for beginners can help improve digestion and elimination, especially constipation or bloating. Physical movements massage the organs of the abdomen and help them function better.

3) Reduced Body Pain

Yoga for beginners have been shown to reduce pain in people suffering from chronic issues, like arthritis or back pain. Improved joint function and increased range of motion are two ways yoga can help with these ailments.

Should You Practice Yoga Every Day?

One of the most appealing things about yoga is that there's no need to have a dedicated space or any equipment, and you don't have to be in silence to get a good workout.

Make sure to stretch your body today magic people! ‍♀️🧚‍♀️

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You can do it almost anywhere, any time. Moreover, doing yoga using bodyweight is a great way to get fit if you're just starting out.


It's important to remember that yoga for beginners is a practice that should be enjoyed and not endured. There are no shortcuts or easy ways through the process, but if you make the effort to keep your mind and body healthy, you will be greatly rewarded.

Eventually, you have to find what works for you through trial and error. However, by incorporating some of the aforementioned tips into your routine and staying mindful, you can be on your way to greater strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.


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